Outdoor Fitness & Healthy Skin in Winter

Sport as a good new year’s pledge

The beginning of the year is the ideal time to finally put your good intentions into action: less hassle and stress, a healthier diet, enough sleep, more sports! Just exercise, preferably outside, is the best you can do for your body. But how consistent are we really in our good intentions? How can we make our fitness program a pleasant, regular habit?

Seek additional possibilities of movement in everyday life

Our modern everyday life is characterized by cars, elevators, and escalators. We are moving less and less. By contrast, we should consider which ways we can do by bike or on foot. For example, instead of taking the elevator to the third floor, you could also walk upstairs. Thus you not only improve your cardio training and strengthen your muscles, but you also reduce stress - without need for extra training.

Schedule fixed training times

Create a solid endurance training routine with 2 - 3 times a week easy jogging, walking, swimming or cycling. Even with regular 30-minutes training units, you'll soon notice how your body gets used to it. You’ll like your routine and you’ll soon notice a healthy state of fitness. In order to make your regular training even more motivating and binding for yourself, you could also arrange a common running routine together with friends. Then, overcoming yourself, will make it easier to stay true to your purpose.

Protect your skin against winter temperatures

From temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius, our skin stops producing lipids, thus becoming drier and more sensitive. To strengthen the skin's protective lipid layer, apply a rich facial cream, facial oil with herbal sun protection or a water-free facial balm. Cream your skin at least 15 minutes before your winter outdoor activities, so that all active ingredients are well absorbed and your skin is protected from wind and weather. In cold temperatures, not only gloves, but also a warming cap is a must - our body releases up to 70% of its heat over the head!

myrto organic face oils

Enjoy your well-being after training

After your outdoor sports routine, you’ll be rewarded with a feel of well-being and vitality. Your skin looks rosy and is well circulated with blood. Your cells are increasingly supplied with oxygen, accelerating your cell regeneration. Regular exercise also strengthens the collagen fibers of your skin. The connective tissue is strengthened, leaving your skin long-time smooth and firm. By sweating during sports, your skin pores are cleansed, your metabolism improves and your body increasingly detoxifies - the best prerequisite for a long-term youthful, smooth skin.

Your wellness spa at home

After your sports routine, your Wellness Spa awaits you at home: A shower bath with the pampering Bio Body Wash stabilizes your skin's acid mantle. Thereafter, a relaxing muscle massage with the Bio Body Oil Sportive Spirit stimulates the metabolism and accelerates the detoxification of acidified muscles. In doing so, massage from your feet towards the heart in small circular movements. The conclusion is the Organic Body Cream Argan Palmarosa. This emulsifier-free body cream without alcohol improves the moisture retention of your skin and makes it silky smooth..

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