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Why natural perfume?

High quality organic natural perfume ➽ Experience the difference to conventional perfume for your health. Read everything about top notes, middle notes and bears ...

How to find a good organic deodorant

When choosing an appropriate deodorant against unwanted body odor, make sure to avoid skin-damaging and environmentally harmful antibacterial additives.
Read how to make your fitness program a pleasant, regular habit even in winter. What are the best recommendations for after sports body & hair care?
In times of increased infection risk - as in the current corona pandemic with SARS-CoV-2 - the skin is stressed by frequent hand washing and disinfectants

The new Organic Perfume Basil Blossom

The Organic Perfume Basil Blossom is a feminine-romantic eau de parfum, providing a subtly stimulating, yet deeply relaxing feel of safety

Healthy - Skin-friendly – Sensual

The lifestyle magazine WOMEN'S HEALTH presents in its latest issue of Sep. 2018 our organic natural perfume ARABESQUE
Antiperspirants are harmful. They suppress the process of sweating. Find out which natural alternatives are available without aluminum.
With our new Eau de Parfum Arabesque we present an organic perfume showing your natural individuality, self-confidence and expressiveness.
In the morning,a shower is the most popular pick-me-up for a refreshed start in the day. However, there are some things to keep in mind ...
The healthy Myrto organic deodorants | without aluminum and alcohol ☀ contains purely herbal ingredients with proven long-term effectiveness