The new Organic Perfume Basil Blossom

The new Basil Blossom is a feminine-romantic eau de parfum,  providing a subtly stimulating, yet deeply relaxing feel of safety.

Top, Heart and Base Note

In the top note, first noticed in a perfume, Basil Blossom combines sparkling green bitter orange sprigs, delicate neroli blossom and the soft sweetness of Moroccan orange. The top note is the most intense yet the most volatile and short-lasting note of a perfume - after a few minutes it is barely perceptible.

The heart note is characterized by fresh lemony-peppery basil, combined with rosy nuances of rosewood, damask rose and palmarosa. The heart note accounts for 50 to 80 percent of the character of a perfume, keeping ist fragrance much longer than the top note.

Erotic soft, authentic vanilla, enveloping benzoin resin and warm sandalwood finally make the base note of this perfume, lasting for several hours. The base note’s molecules in association with our skin create a perfume unique on every skin.

Organic Eau de Parfum

For perfumes, a distinction is made between Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum depending on the intensity. An organic Eau de Cologne contains about 4 - 5% essential oils, is very volatile in fragrance and should therefore be generously applied. In contrast, a Bio Eau de Toilette has about 7 - 8% essential oils, making this fragrance already much longer lasting. Finally, an organic Eau de Parfum contains about 10% all-natural essential oils and has the longest lasting fragrance - underlining its particularly high quality.

The Ingredients in Focus

Basil Blossom has an optimized skin compatibility. Our organic alcohol is pure vine spirit,
free from skin-irritating denaturants, carrying a not insignificant allergy potential. Neroli and rose water from certified organic cultivation form the basis of this authentic organic perfume in addition to pure natural essential oils from certified organic farming or controlled wild collection.
In most natural perfumes, in addition to essential oils, you will find a low percentage of nature-identical perfumes - for rounding off and for a longer-lasting fragrance. In contrast, the myrto organic perfumes are 100% genuine, unadulterated organics. They are completely free of synthetic fragrances and additives, thus demanding a specially high quality of essential oils. All myrto perfumes are vegan as well as free from colorings or preservatives.

Each myrto natural perfume is carefully produced in small batches in our manufactory and bottled by hand. The exquisite essential oils are much more than just a seductive fragrance. Rather, the bright, summery notes promote emotional well-being with proven therapeutic properties. They harmonize body, soul and spirit in a unique, purely natural way.

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