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myrto Naturkosmetik

c/o Institut für Naturkosmetik Prof. Kruck

Eva Silvana was working as a high school teacher, when she faced completely unexpected challenges as a mother of 6 children. Her young children began to experience skin problems which couldn’t be tackled with conventional ointments and creams. Additionally Eva herself noticed that natural cosmetic creams required increasingly frequent application, while drying out her skin more and more. Consequently Eva started - with love, empathy and pure ingredients from nature - to mix her own healing creams without skin-weakening additives. The gentle and sustainable healing properties of these irritation-free recipes, along with Eva’s deep passion for plants, encouraged her, after over 20 years of research and experience, to develop a holistic, natural cosmetic care concept for sensitive and problematic skin.

Eva Silvana Kruck
Prof. Dr. Peter Kruck

In 2012 Eva founded together with Prof. Dr. Peter Kruck the myrto natural cosmetics manufacture. Since Peter has many years of experience in the field of cybernetics and environmental informatics, he uses his experience to support the development of the company, which was renamed the Institute for Natural Cosmetics Prof. Kruck GmbH & Co. KG on 01.01.2022. His commitment concerns the development of professional structures in the areas of IT, technology and organization. In particular, it enabled the efficient development of innovative natural cosmetic formulations in order to be able to reliably provide first-class products to our customers. He attaches great importance to the design of the processes and the greatest possible reproducibility of the results. In this way, a consistent premium quality of all myrto products is achieved for our customers. As an owner-managed family company for sustainable premium natural cosmetics, we are actively supported by our 6 children, who are involved in IT, photography and design.

Our Motivation

Premium natural cosmetics with fresh, natural ingredients cannot be mass-produced. That is why we only produce fresh myrto natural cosmetics products in our factory in limited quantities. It is our concern to develop high-quality and innovative natural active ingredient products of first-class skin tolerance and to make them available to a quality-conscious group of customers. We reject the use of semi-finished products for reasons of quality. The facial care is 100% vegan, free from alcohol, skin-weakening emulsifiers, preservatives or fragrances. Myrto natural cosmetics strengthen the natural skin barrier and contain a minimal number of natural ingredients. We value special environmental compatibility and complete transparency. Our work focuses on ethical, social and sustainable action for the environment and people. With this in mind, we support women's cooperatives in Brazil and Morocco, for example.

Institut fuer Naturkosmetik Prof. Kruck

Our Concept

All of the raw materials we use conform to the various quality seals of certified natural cosmetics. Every single raw material with an INCI name is assigned an independent evaluation in our glossary, which was taken from the database of www.codecheck.info. In addition, all of the ingredients in our products have been awarded top marks without exception according to the criteria of Ökotest.

We process the ingredients of our products as naturally as possible. Preservatives are taboo. The vegetable oils we use are native, cold-pressed and from controlled organic cultivation or controlled wild collection, preferably fairly traded. If possible, the plant extracts are also available in organic quality, mostly as CO2 extraction, in order to authentically preserve the full spectrum of activity of the plant. Our pure natural essential oils are obtained without solvents, work in synergy and are very carefully dosed.

All myrto-naturalcosmetics products are not only made without preservatives, but also without the usual skin-weakening emulsifiers. In this way, the sensitive lipid barrier of the skin remains intact and is also strengthened. The innovative anti-aging active ingredient beta-glucan from oats optimizes skin tolerance, especially with skin problems such as neurodermatitis, rosacea or psoriasis.