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Blog - Scalp Problems & Hair Care

Blog - Scalp Problems & Hair Care read more »
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Scalp Problems & Hair Care

Blog - Scalp Problems & Hair Care

myrto Organic Scalp Treatment - oily and flaky scalp

The myrto Bio Scalp Treatment F is specially developed for oily and flaky scalps. Natural active ingredients such as the lactylate complex soothe the skin, while niacinamide and zinc regulate sebum production. Sage extract and willow bark reduce excess sebum and dandruff. Used daily, it balances the scalp.

Dyeing gray hair - yes or no?

More and more women are embracing their gray hair. The trend is towards natural graying as a sign of individuality and maturity. You will get to know the disadvantages of chemical hair dyes, natural alternatives and styling tips for gray hair.

Tips for using myrto organic hair oils

Shine finisher, hair treatment, anti-frizz or tip fluid against split ends: hair oils are real all-rounders and versatile.

Bringing Itchy Scalp into Balance

Especially in winter time, many people suffer from an irritated scalp with feelings of tension, redness and excruciating itching. Constant scratching

Winter care for healthy and beautiful hair

Do you struggle with dry, dull, strawy or static-charged hair in winter? Here we give care tips for healthy, shiny and beautiful hair in the cold season.

Split Ends- What Can You Do About Them?

If your hair feels dull, it is difficult to comb, and its tips are split, read about the causes of split ends and how to prevent them.

How do I find a good conditioner?

To recognize a high-quality conditioner, you should first and foremost check the ingredients and make sure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as silicones, polyquaternium, microplastics, parabens or sulfates.

Switching to Natural Hair Care

Switching from conventional hair care requires a little patience. Silicones and other synthetic ingredients make the hair surface smooth and shiny. However, they are deposited as an ever-thickening layer, under which the hair gradually starves.

What Makes a Good Shampoo?

Most shampoo manufacturers boast with selected plant extracts and vitamins to strengthen and improve your hair. But what should you really pay attention to for a good shampoo?

Hair Loss - Causes, Prevention, Tipps

With increasing hair loss, if more than approx. 100 hairs fall out per day, the balance between falling out and regrowing hair is lost, and the hair on the head becomes increasingly thinner and lighter. Learn more about possible causes of hair loss and what you can do about it.

Care Tips for Sun-Damaged Hair

Summer beach holidays usually make a bad hair condition as a less nice souvenir . Here are the best tips for an effective hair repair

Winter problem scalp dandruff

Scalp flakes are tiny little skin particles that are regularly shed by our scalp. Read about gentle alternatives to get rid of dandruff here.
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