Summer beach holidays usually make a bad hair condition as a less nice souvenir . Here are the best tips for an effective hair repair
If your hair feels dull, it is difficult to comb, and its tips are split, read about the causes of split ends and how to prevent them.
Especially in winter time, many people suffer from an irritated scalp with feelings of tension, redness and excruciating itching. Constant scratching
Hair loss can effectively be combated without chemicals, but with purely natural ingredients such as millet seed, rosemary and burdock root extract, as well as essential sandalwood
Our Purifying Free Organic Shampoo for deep cleansing is available in 500ml big size now with practical pump dispenser.

What Makes a Good Shampoo?

Most shampoo manufacturers boast with selected plant extracts and vitamins to strengthen and improve your hair. But what should you really pay attention to for a good shampoo?

Natural Care for Curly Hair

Curls are often seen as a sign of health and vitality. Read about ➽ Moisture Care ➽ Volume ➽ Definition & Hold ➽ Anti-Frizz & Gloss Enhancer
Conventional shampoos with their controversial ingredients have become increasingly critically seen. On the other hand, natural cosmetics shampoos ...
Forming Texturizer Wax ☀ matt styling wax for flexible hold ✓ natural fullness & matte finish ✓ with Moroccan argan oil & Brazilian babassu oil
Sensitive, extremely dry and irritated scalp frequently are caused by skin-irritating ingredients of conventional shampoos like surfactants.
The myrto organic Argan Hair wax is versatile in any hair type for individual styling and Repair ☀ gives texture, hold & volume, silky matte finish
The new myrto scalp treatment H against hair loss and brittle hair provides best natural scalp care combined with powerful plant extracts against avoidable hair loss.
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