Winter problem scalp dandruff

What causes dandruff?

Scalp flakes are tiny particles of skin that are regularly shed from our scalp. Since the skin is constantly renewing itself, this is a completely normal process. The flakes remain invisible, we rinse them out with the shampoo every time we wash our hair.

However, especially in the cold season, many people are plagued by flaky scalp problems. Depending on the cause, a scalp that is too dry or a rather greasy and irritated scalp can be distinguished. When the scalp is dry, itchy, dead skin cells trickle down onto the shoulders as small scales - reinforced by the dry heating air. Oily dandruff, on the other hand, is usually associated with the increased occurrence of a scalp fungus.

How do conventional dandruff shampoos work?

Conventional dandruff shampoos promise quick relief. An improvement is usually short-lived, if at all. All too often we are also plagued by a reddened, itchy and irritated scalp. How come? Usual dandruff shampoos contain aggressive synthetic preservatives such as climbazole or zinc pyrithione as active ingredients, which have a high allergenic potential and are sometimes even considered to be carcinogenic or teratogenic. Side effects such as reddening of the skin or itching are not uncommon with frequent use.

What natural alternative is there?

In principle, oily hair should be washed more often. However, the shampoo should not contain any aggressive synthetic surfactants such as sodium laureth sulfate, but should only remove excess oil from the scalp with mild, plant-based washing-active substances. We recommend the myrto anti-dandruff shampoo as a natural alternative to conventional active ingredients. The recipe contains a purely herbal active complex with clinically proven effectiveness..

Why scalp treatments?

In order to get the problem under control over the long term, the myrto organic scalp cures also prove themselves. The myrto scalp treatment F works naturally against greasy-irritated scalp and dandruff. In addition, organic grapeseed oil, burdock root extract and rosemary soften cornified skin and promote healthy hair growth. The myrto scalp treatment T with anti-inflammatory organic hemp oil and schizandra extract soothes the irritated, dry and irritated scalp lastingly. It strengthens the restoration of the protective skin barrier. Our organic scalp treatments are free from alcohol, emulsifiers and preservatives and are therefore ideally suited for very sensitive scalps.

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