Our Guiding Principles

our guiding principles

Manufactory instead of Mass Production

Really high-quality natural cosmetics cannot be mass-produced. Therefore, all myrto products are developed by us in our own laboratory on the basis of the latest scientific studies - tailored to the individual needs of sensitive and problematic skin. We only manufacture locally in our factory in Bergisch Gladbach. The myrto natural cosmetics are constantly fresh and made with a lot of manual work - in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way. In view of increasing stress factors in the modern world, it is important to us to minimize the harmful effects on the skin with our recipes. Individuality, the smallest possible ecological footprint, reduction to the essentials and above all the uncompromising quality of the ingredients are our claim.

Premium quality - without compromise

We only use natural ingredients that are included in the positive lists for certified natural cosmetics - we often even exceed these selection criteria. When manufacturing our myrto products, we do not use ingredients of animal origin (exception: the myrto hair wax contains beeswax from organic beekeeping). The myrto products are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals. They are recommended by the animal protection organization PETA, we are partners of animalfair. The oils used are cold-pressed, our plant extracts are preferably extracted without solvents using pure carbon dioxide. Where available, they come from controlled organic cultivation or wild collection and are traded as fairly as possible.

Excellent skin compatibility und long lasting care effect

All myrto care products not only have a short-term effect. They stand for healthy skin and vital, naturally shiny hair, especially when used for a long time. In all myrto organic shampoos, we use natural washing-active amino acids to a maximum extent, which accounts for the incomparable care effect and skin compatibility.

Respect for people and nature

In order not to burden the environment unnecessarily and to avoid long transport routes, we prefer to work with local partners from the region. All packaging is made in Germany and is preferably made of glass or - if required - of fully recyclable plastic. We support fair trade projects: This includes the shea butter from Burkina Faso as well as our hand-pressed argan oil from Morocco or the babassu oil from a Brazilian smallholder cooperative. We are committed to natural forests and donate to the BUND campaign "Save the forest".

Continuous Innovation

For us, innovation based on high-quality natural active ingredients means the development of new natural cosmetic formulations with optimized skin compatibility and proven effectiveness, especially for sensitive and problematic skin. This includes the use of highly effective antioxidants as well as our puristic, emulsifier-free recipes without unnecessary additives such as fragrances, alcohol, preservatives or palm oil.

The myrto organic facial care is based on our innovative, emulsifier-free concept with the natural active ingredient beta-glucan. Thanks to the use of high-dose skin-analogous phospholipids in facial care, we can completely do without emulsifiers and consistency enhancers with their well-known unpleasant side effects. Instead of fatty alcohols and ester oils from refined palm oil, myrto uses high proportions of organic shea butter and organic vegetable oils with their full spectrum of effects. The emulsifier-free myrto formulations ensure optimal skin compatibility - tailored to the individual skin needs. It strengthens the natural protective function of the skin barrier - for long-term healthy, beautiful skin in balance.