Our Guiding Principles

our guiding principles

(1) Manufactory instead of Mass Production

High-quality natural cosmetics can not be mass produced. myrto-naturalcosmetics products are manufactured in our factory gentle and fresh in a limited amount for customers, who appreciate individuality, sophisticated design, quality and reduction to the essentials.

(2) Premium Quality- Quality makes the joy

Almost all myrto products are vergan. We use only natural raw materials in the positive lists are listed for certifi ed natural cosmetics - often we even surpass these selection criteria. As fragrances only pure essential oils are used. The plant extracts we use are derived from certified organic or wild-collected in harmony with nature.

To achieve maximum skin compatibility we refrain from any preservatives or dyes. The preservative system of our natural organic shampoos is based on herbal skin care ingredients that have the same preservative effect. Our high quality airless dispenser support a microbial validated shelf after opening because the product does not come into contact with the air. During use, the soil cover of the airless dispenser migrates due to the system with the product upwards and guarantees comfortable application and perfect dosage until the end.

(3) Excellent skin compatibility und Sustainable Action for Care

Our products not only show short-term effect, but make especially after prolonged use of increasingly vital, of course, shiny hair and healthy scalp.

As an example, here are the organic amino acids identified in the organic shampoos that make up the famous mildness and the complete surrender of emulsifiers in the organic conditioners and organic hair treatments, so ensure optimal skin compatibility (see also (5) innovation).

(4) Respect for people and nature

In order not to unnecessarily burden our environment and to avoid long transport routes, we prefer to work with partners in the region. We also support Fair Trade products. Ais example, the shea butter is called, which is sourced from a Fair Trade project in Burkina Faso (see Butyrospermum Parkii in the glossary).

(5) Continuous Innovation

Based on premium raw materials innovation means to us the use of new high-quality recipes that offer, for example, excellent skin compatibility.

So we put in our organic shampoo high-quality organic amino acids to a maximum of one share, which represents the well-known mildness of these natural organic shampoos. Secondly, in our natural organic conditioners a newly developed pure plant emulsifier is used. Thus we can be completely dispense the usual organic cosmetic emulsifier based on plant fatty acid. This new design ensures that the emulsifier made of plant fibers is on the scalp and not penetrate into the skin and can then interact with the lipid layer of the skin. Thus, the scalp's natural sebum and acid mantle is necessarily preserved as part of the intact skin's immune system.

In this sense, the market is continuously monitored to provide our customers the earliest possible improvements available. Quality is always proportionate to the price in the foreground.