FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked technical questions about the shop system. The content-related information relating to the products and raw materials can be found in the corresponding product categories and in time order under the news.

In order to ship to a Hermes parcel shop, you have to create a separate delivery address. Fill in the delivery address as follows:

Lieferadresse Hermes Paketshop

You can select your desired Hermes parcel shop here . If you are already a customer, you can create a new address as the delivery address in order to have your parcel delivered to your desired Hermes parcel shop. You can pick up your package there within 10 days (don't forget your ID card!). .

1. Fill the shopping cart 
2. Switch to the shopping cart - This can be done by selecting a product or by clicking on the shopping cart symbol that can be seen in the upper right area 
3. In the shopping cart bar on the right, click on "Edit shopping cart" (see illustration) 
4. Confirm: "I have a voucher" 
5. Enter your voucher code and press the return key 
6. The voucher value will be credited to your order if the minimum order value is 25 €

1. Go to the relevant product page
2. Click the Reviews tab (see illustration). This is located next to the Description tab
3. Scroll all the way down and share your experience with other customers and us
4. The more detailed you describe your experience, the more helpful it is for other customers to find the best fit product