Satisfaction Guarantee

satisfaction guarantee

As a premium manufacturer that does not produce mass-produced goods, we cannot offer any sample sizes. All of the ingredients in our products are of very high quality and are optimally skin-friendly. However, even with coordinated skin care products made from natural ingredients, individual intolerances can never be completely ruled out.

Therefore we offer the following satisfaction guarantee

If your skin really does not tolerate a myrto facial care product, you can return the tested product to us within 30 days. We will be happy to advise you and reimburse you for the value of the goods as a refund voucher, which you can use to buy other products in our shop. You only have to pay the postage costs incurred. The voucher can be redeemed within one year. Please enclose a copy of your invoice with your return. The goodwill program is limited to 1 facial care product per order. Travel size / small sizes are excluded from returns. If your order included free products, we ask that you return them as well for a full refund of the purchase price. (Otherwise we can only give you a partial refund.)

Some customer testimonials about the skin compatibility of our products

  • Customer voice 1
    Dear Myrto team, I would like to thank you for your great products, which have helped me a lot in caring for my sensitive skin. I am very happy that I became aware of your manufacture and will continue to be an enthusiastic customer. Thanks to your great philosophy and achievements, it is again possible for many people to go to daily personal hygiene with a good feeling and to try out new products without stress. I already had severe neurodermatitis as a baby and am therefore very sensitive to the ingredients (especially alcohol and fragrances). Many supposedly well-tolerated natural cosmetics are very irritating to the skin, which is why I am very happy to have come across your website by chance. However, I still have one wish: I hope that in the future it will be possible to buy good sun protection for the body from you. best regards

  • Customer voice 2
    Hello dear Myrto team! The Bio Summer Day Oil S is also well tolerated by my allergic skin. Finally a day care with sun protection without chemical filters.

  • Customer voice 3
    I have been using the Organic Jojoba Day Cream S for almost a week and my skin is slowly recovering from the traces of numerous previous attempts with creams from well-known natural cosmetics manufacturers. Unfortunately, they all created pimples and itchiness on my allergic skin. The Bio Jojoba Day Cream S is very economical to use and gives me a relaxed skin feeling without itching or redness. I am pleased to have found a compatible cream with such great ingredients!

  • Customer voice 4
    A few years ago I switched to natural cosmetics shampoos. Since they usually contain a high proportion of alcohol, I got very dry, strawy hair. I had been looking for a nourishing hair treatment without alcohol for a long time and gave up until a friend recommended the Myrto pomegranate mask to me. After reading all the reviews here, I absolutely had to test them - and what can I say ... I'm absolutely thrilled. My hair is so soft and looks healthy !! I can recommend them 100%. It really works - and it does it with these good ingredients! I hope this mask will be around forever !!!

  • Customer voice 5
    This Cleansing Oil cleanses the facial skin very thoroughly but also very gently. I was very surprised at how much you can get out of facial skin with such a natural formula! My conventional cleaning program therefore immediately ended up in the trash can! Has my facial skin irritated and dried out anyway and therefore often caused skin irritation. With this puristic Cleansing Oil it is completely different. The skin feels very soft afterwards and you don't really need anything more for aftercare. :) A really convincing product, which has a very pleasant effect on my irritated and dry skin.

  • Customer voice 6
    It couldn't be better - I've tried many shampoos in the natural cosmetics sector and haven't been satisfied with any of them for the long term. Either my naturally frizzy locks were dried out or they were enormously fluffed and resembled an exploded whisk. That's not the case with this shampoo. I've been using it for a few months now, alternating with the schizandra and sea buckthorn and have never been so satisfied. The hair is supple, soft, shiny and above all - I have curls again. I am thrilled and say thank you for these phenomenal products!!

  • Customer voice 7
    BIO JOJOBA CLEANSING CREAM S - Cleansing cream for sensitive skin - I can really recommend the cleansing cream because it is a very high quality and very well tolerated product. Natural cosmetics are booming and there are plenty of good products, but why I chose Myrto is mainly due to the following two points: -The airless dispenser: Minimizes preservatives and makes alcohol superfluous (Myrto advertises that it does not use preservatives but if it contains sodium levulinate / anisate, it has preservative properties, but is not a preservative in the narrower sense) - No essential oils: Smells good, but in my opinion has no place on the skin. The ingredients are limited to what is necessary, unnecessary items are left out. This corresponds exactly to my idea of ​​natural skin care. I have one more suggestion: I would like a day cream with a sun protection factor;)

  • Customer voice 8
    NATURAL BIO SHAMPOO SEA THORN CHIA - After trying what felt like an eternity and countless good, and in my search also horrible organic shampoos (at least for my lightened, curly, very long and accordingly dry hair), I came across my "Holy Grail" here . It contains no alcohol, which I very much appreciate, because it inevitably leads to an uncomfortable, felty ball of hair, and the other ingredients are also so good that I can then only untangle with great effort. I liked the shampoo here so much, and after thirty years of dyeing with chemistry, it made me think so that after four weeks I decided to stop dyeing altogether. I went to the hairdresser, had the 40 cm long hair cut down with the machine and now wear a short hairstyle with more white than black. I feel liberated and very happy to have taken this step, and I am now letting my hair grow long again in the very interesting natural color. The Myrto Shampoo was absolutely good for colored hair, but it is fantastic for natural hair! I don't need a cure (not yet, given the lack of length), the hair doesn't swell up, is silky soft and has a very nice shine. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ingenious inventor, I came across the shampoo in search of mild detergents, as I was about to stir the shampoo myself. I find the price to be reasonable, because I know that the raw materials are not cheap, because the economical consumption puts this into perspective. I think the packaging is really good because I like to drop a bottle in the shower. However, the floor of one of the dispensers slipped unnoticed in the airless dispenser and so the shampoo was unfortunately empty the next time I looked. I will definitely order again and again, I like every product I have tried, and so do my long-haired daughter. My son and husband also enjoy using the shampoo. The foam development is very high even when the dispenser is only pressed twice, so the "boys" could not see any difference to a conventional shampoo, except for the fact that the skin no longer dries out. Thank you for the great products. Best regards

  • Customer voice 9
    Lip care - Hello dear Myrto team, first of all I would like to thank you for the great products that you offer. I have ordered several items from you and without exception I think every product is great! I was most impressed by the facial cleansing and the night oil and I will definitely order from you again! Today, too, I made the effort to write a review for all the products I have bought from you, and I would be very happy if you offered intensive lip care at some point. I often have dry, chapped / chapped and burning lips and everything that is available for sale does not keep what it says on the tin, is addictive or has dubious ingredients. I think that high-quality lip care would round off their great range even further. Thank you and keep it up! best regards

  • Customer voice 10
    Dear team, I have to get rid of it, I am so excited about your products! Finally something natural that works without fragrances and essential oils and borderline ingredients and still smells so wonderfully of the beautiful oils and nature! What a great concept! I hope and encourage you to add a foundation to your product range so that you have total coverage and don't have to put another "not so optimal product" (e.g. comedogenic etc.) over it. many Greetings