A facial toner, also known as a tonic or facial tonic, can be used in many ways in daily facial care. It is suitable for cleaning, refreshing and calming the skin.
Face oils are one of the most popular face care products ever. People with skin problems and highly sensitive skin types in particular appreciate facial oils as an extremely compatible all-round care product that is also uncomplicated to use.
Find out what characterizes psoriasis, what factors play a role in this autoimmune disease and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms.
The epidermal (skin) barrier protects our skin against stressful, health-threatening influences from the outside world.
With dropping temperatures our skin is simultaneously strained by the cold outside and dry heating air inside.
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The myrto organic facial oils with purely vegetable light protection and the myrto organic deodorants were awarded the Green Product Award.
What is the right sunscreen for outdoor activities and sunbathing to prevent premature skin aging and skin cancer?
There are very different care concepts for night care: light moisturizer, facial night oil, or night cream.
The layering care system requires a bit more time compared to this. Several care products are applied one above the other layer by layer in a fixed sequence.
The Magnolia Calming Serum was developed as a gentle special care for redness, irritated skin, couperose and rosacea - free from potentially irritating additives.
Sunlight strengthens our immune system, promotes the reduction of stress hormones, increases our physical and mental performance ...
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