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News about organic natural hair care, organic body care and organic face care

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News about organic natural hair care, organic body care and organic face care

Winter care for healthy and beautiful hair

Do you struggle with dry, dull, strawy or static-charged hair in winter? Here we give care tips for healthy, shiny and beautiful hair in the cold season.

Split Ends- What Can You Do About Them?

If your hair feels dull, it is difficult to comb, and its tips are split, read about the causes of split ends and how to prevent them.

Treat and prevent acne naturally

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases, affecting men and women equally often. Almost every teenager suffers from acne to a greater or lesser extent during the phase of hormonal changes during puberty.

November Shopping Campaign

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How do I find a good conditioner?

To recognize a high-quality conditioner, you should first and foremost check the ingredients and make sure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as silicones, polyquaternium, microplastics, parabens or sulfates.

Herbal Sunscreen - Less is More

In this article you will find out which is the best sun protection for daily use, for outdoor activities, when sunbathing, against sunburn, premature skin aging and skin cancer.

Treat and prevent pigment spots

In this blog post you will learn what types of pigment spots there are, the development and causes of pigment spots. You will get tips on how to naturally lighten pigment spots

After sun care - tips for sunburn on the face

In order to keep your skin healthy, firm and elastic for as long as possible, you should protect it from sunbathing and properly care for it after being in the sun. ✅ Read our after-sun skincare tips here.

Face Care in Summer

In this blog post you will find out which particular stress factors affect your skin in summer and when it is hot and how you can best protect and care for your face.

How safe is mineral sunscreen really?

In this blog post, we address questions about effective UV protection, we explain the benefits of mineral sunscreens and we describe the potential risks of using titanium dioxide and mineral sunscreens with nanoparticles.

Switching to Natural Hair Care

Switching from conventional hair care requires a little patience. Silicones and other synthetic ingredients make the hair surface smooth and shiny. However, they are deposited as an ever-thickening layer, under which the hair gradually starves.

The Organic Body Balm Shea Macadamia

Our new body cream, finally it's ready. The product is very mild and also suitable for children's skin. Regular use can be particularly helpful for dry or sensitive body skin affected or prone to eczema.
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