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News about organic natural hair care, organic body care and organic face care

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News about organic natural hair care, organic body care and organic face care

Face oils in the cold season

Face oils are highly effective, smoothing and balancing. They are the optimal rich skin care for every skin type - sensitive, dry or mature skin as well as oily or combination skin.
In the myrto sets you will find selected product combinations for your daily beauty routine, tailored to your individual skin type and your current skin situation.

October Shopping Campaign

If you order products in our shop for 65 € or more, you can select a free extra product.
When choosing an appropriate deodorant against unwanted body odor, make sure to avoid skin-damaging and environmentally harmful antibacterial additives.
Myrto products are consistently rated with top marks on test portals such as Codecheck. To insiders myrto is meanwhile known for its excellent ...
To keep your skin healthy and wrinkle-free for as long as possible, take care of it properly even after you've been in the sun. Here are our 5 after-sun skin care tips.
In skin care, vitamin C is one of the most effective active ingredients of all, as numerous current studies confirm.
In myrto products, we use high quality allergen-free organic CO2 plant extracts. An innovative process enables the production of solvent-free plant extracts with the highest possible active ingredient content of sensitive antioxidants.
Anti-aging begins with the right protection. The Anti-Pollution Serum is a strong companion for protecting the skin from damage caused by air pollutants, UV radiation and HEV light (Blue Light)
Modular facial care or layering versus all-in-one cosmetics? With the layering method, combinable products are layered on top of each other.
Atopic dermatitis ➽ is a chronic or relapsing inflammatory skin disease. Read, how to strengthen your skin barrier
Organic eye serum with a triple combination of hyaluronic acid, argan and pomegranate seed extract | Anti-aging serum with skin-firming properties for a radiant look
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