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News about organic natural hair care, organic body care and organic face care

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News about organic natural hair care, organic body care and organic face care

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Hemp seed oil in facial care for sensitive skin

Hemp seed oil protects the natural skin barrier. It soothes irritated, inflamed skin and reduces redness. It is particularly recommended for acne, psoriasis and neurodermatitis.

Care Tips for Sun-Damaged Hair

Summer beach holidays usually make a bad hair condition as a less nice souvenir . Here are the best tips for an effective hair repair

Facial cleansing for sensitive skin

In this article we explain why daily facial cleansing is so important, what is important when choosing a skin-friendly yet effective facial cleanser for sensitive skin, when a cleansing oil is better than a creamy cleanser and what an optimal facial cleanser looks like for different skin needs .

Questions and answers about sun protection

Interesting facts about sun protection, UV filters, their effects and side effects, application questions and tips for a healthy summer tan without risking premature skin aging.

What helps against perioral dermatitis?

Perioral dermatitis, also known as stewardess disease, most commonly affects young women up to the age of 45. Men and children rarely suffer from this skin probblem. The main cause seems to be "over-treated" skin, which is caused by too many and unsuitable care products and make-up. The skin defends itself against the "too much" of overwhelming wrong skin care products.

Bakuchiol in facial care - anti-aging alternative to retinol

In cosmetic use, the 100% botanical Bakuchiol from the babchi plant is a preferable replacement for retinol - without retinol's unpleasant skin-irritating side effects.

Layering - Individual Care System for A Beautiful Skin

Here we explain the right order of toner, serum, cream and facial oil for your individual facial care routine. With the layering method you can achieve a much higher effectiveness than with conventional individual care products.

Skin-friendly preservation in facial care

to substances containing mineral oil, silicones, surfactants, emulsifiers and harmful preservatives that can irritate, trigger allergies, upset the hormone balance or impair sensitive metabolic processes in your body.

Skin-identical ingredients - how to recognize a good face cream

Especially when you are struggling with sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin, with redness, impurities or pimples, choosing the right ingredients for your cosmetics is the be-all and end-all.

How does hyaluronic acid work in the skin?

Hyaluronic acid regenerates the tissue, tightens and keeps the skin elastic. Hardly any cosmetic ingredient is able to moisturize the skin as effectively as hyaluronic acid.

Why a strong skin barrier is important

The skin barrier is the natural protective covering of our skin. It is the best prerequisite for healthy, long-term smooth and youthful skin.
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