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News about organic natural hair care, organic body care and organic face care

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News about organic natural hair care, organic body care and organic face care

Understanding and relieving psoriasis or psoriasis

Find out here what characterizes psoriasis or psoriasis, what factors play a role in this autoimmune disease, what skin and scalp care is recommended and what else you can do yourself to alleviate the symptoms.

myrto Organic Scalp Treatment - oily and flaky scalp

The myrto Bio Scalp Treatment F is specially developed for oily and flaky scalps. Natural active ingredients such as the lactylate complex soothe the skin, while niacinamide and zinc regulate sebum production. Sage extract and willow bark reduce excess sebum and dandruff. Used daily, it balances the scalp.

May Shopping Campaign

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Vitamin C is one of the most sought-after active ingredients for facial care - and for good reasons. Vitamin C offers a variety of benefits for healthy, radiant skin and at the same time protects against premature skin aging.

What are the benefits of a DMS face cream?

Myrto Naturkosmetik offers innovative DMS facial creams with a skin-related lipid structure, ideal for sensitive skin. These creams strengthen the skin barrier, promote regeneration and minimize water loss, making them suitable for various skin problems.

Dyeing gray hair - yes or no?

More and more women are embracing their gray hair. The trend is towards natural graying as a sign of individuality and maturity. You will get to know the disadvantages of chemical hair dyes, natural alternatives and styling tips for gray hair.

Skin Care during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is often considered a high point in a woman's life as it is a time of particularly intense physical and emotional experiences. Pregnancy, which lasts around 40 weeks, involves many changes in the female body.

Why is beta-glucan so valuable for the skin?

Beta-glucan provides a lot of moisture, strengthens the skin barrier, has an antioxidant effect and soothes stressed, itchy skin. In this article you will find out the most important advantages of the valuable natural active ingredient from the germ layer of oat grain.

Why organic fresh cosmetics?

All myrto products are fresh cosmetics without synthetic preservatives. We rely on the use of high-quality ingredients that are as natural as possible. All myrto products are manufactured exclusively by hand in our factory.

Tips for using myrto organic hair oils

Shine finisher, hair treatment, anti-frizz or tip fluid against split ends: hair oils are real all-rounders and versatile.

The right facial care overnight

With the right facial care routine in the evening, you can specifically support your skin's functions in regeneration and sustainably improve your skin's appearance.

The new organic perfume oil Arabesque

Sensual, oriental and mystical at the same time. The organic perfume oil Arabesque is a 100% natural fragrance creation. It is based on the essence of the Eau de Parfum of the same name.
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