Care Tips for Sun-Damaged Hair

Excessive sun exposure, chlorine and salt water - these factors dehydrate the hair, leaving it with a dull, straw-like texture, and prone to split ends. Our following care tips show you which countermeasures you can use to restore shiny, healthy hair sturcture.

Gentle shampoo

If your hair is damaged by the sun, we recommend gentle shampoos without irritating, aggressive sulfates. Myrto organic shampoos are based on detergent-active amino acids - for resistant, naturally plump hair and optimized scalp compatibility. They strengthen the scalp's moisture barrier and preserve the natural protective layer of the hair fiber. Additional active ingredients make the hair supple and give it a natural shine.

Regenerating hair treatment

Regenerate your dry, dehydrated hair with a nourishing treatment - without harmful ingredients, emulsifiers or alcohol. You can achieve an intensive effect if you apply the treatment to the outer strands of your damp hair and leave it under a towel for as long as possible before washing out with shampoo. A leave-in hair treatment such as the myrto Bio Hair Mask Pomegranate is particularly recommended, in which all the ingredients are optimally absorbed by the hair. You should apply the richly nourishing hair mask after every wash, and then as needed. Only apply the treatment to the outer, damaged parts of your hair - where it's knotty and difficult to comb. Too much product weighs down your hair, leaving it flat.

Further care

For additional care, we recommend the application of a hair oil. Hair oils are real all-rounders. On a beach holiday they enable great wet-look hairstyles that also prevent dry, brittle hair. They smooth out the roughened cuticle of the damaged hair fiber and improve moisture retention. Distributed drop by drop very sparingly on dry hair, these oils provide a fine, silky shine. They tame static, frizzy hair and fly-away strands. A rich hair oil is also ideal for preventing dreaded split ends. You can massage it on the wet or dry ends of your hair. Myrto Bio Summer Hair Oil has additional natural UV protection, and is rich in natural antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids.

Time out for straightening irons, curling irons and hair dryers

In order not to dry out your UV-damaged hair any further, leave your curling iron, straightening iron or hair dryer aside as often as possible. Also avoid vigorously towel-drying - it roughenes the smooth cuticle layer of the hair fiber, so that the hair shaft gets even more dehydrated and the sensitive scalp is irritated. Remember: especially in summer temperatures, the hair dries best in the air.

If your hair styling sometimes requires heat, your straightening iron or curling iron should definitely be equipped with a hair-friendly ceramic coating. The myrto Bio Finisher Volume Spray offers heat protection for fine hair, and the Bio Finisher Glossing Spray protects normal to thick hair. If possible, brush your hair only when it is dry, not wet. Otherwise, it knots too easily and you will pull out a lot of hair.

With these tips your hair will have the chance to be its natural, healthy best.

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