Layering - Individual Care System for A Beautiful Skin

Minimalist skin care

Who does not know that: In the morning, when things need to be really fast, minimalist skincare is in order: All-in-one products as a time-saving alternative in skincare are our first choice. A mild facial cleansing followed by a day cream - and ready! Important: few, as natural as possible ingredients and no unnecessary additives such as alcohol, emulsifiers, fragrances or preservatives irritating your sensitive skin.

Layering for a more beautiful skin

The layering care system requires a bit more time compared to this. Several care products are applied one above the other layer by layer in a fixed sequence. The individual formulations of the myrto facial care lines are designed so that the active ingredients complement each other optimally. With the layering method you can individually and flexibly achieve a multiple higher effectiveness than with conventional single care products.

The care steps

The order in which the products are applied during layering depends on their consistency - from ligt to heavy. So after cleansing start with the lightest product:

  • Facial cleansing

    Before starting your layering routine, the right facial cleansing is essential: Whether the surfactant-free myrto Cleansing Cream or Cleansing Oil is the better choice for you, depends not only on your individual skin needs, but also on whether you have to remove dirt only or waterproof makeup. 

  • Moisture and Active Ingredient Care

    The highly effective ingredients of a facial serum will optimally treat your cleansed skin. We recommend the Protective Moisturizer Fluid as base serum, as special serum the Copaiba Blemish Serum for impure skin or the Magnolia Calming Serum for reddened, rosacea-sensitive skin.

  • Day and Regeneration Care

    The hydrating Day Cream or the Beauty Mask as rich regeneration care surround the serum, optimizing its effectiveness and sealing-in the moisturizing actives.

  • Eye Care

    Then apply the Argan Eye Serum gently around the sensitive eye area, if necessary, repeatedly several times a day.

  • Facial Oil

    During the day, 2 to 3 drops of the myrto Bio Sunshine Day Oil form the last layer. This facial oil not only protects your skin from environmental cell damage and premature skin aging, it also contains the exceptionally powerful, purely herbal sunscreen of avellana oil. If you enrich your day cream this way in winter, your skin is effectively protected from cold temperatures as well. In the evening, Bio Night Oil, as a purist night care, seals in your skin's moisture. Strong regenerating, polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants ensure your skin looking plump and vital the next morning.

Note, that with the layering method you only need very little of each product: Each layer should only be applied very sparingly – to ensure your skin not being over-treated.

The main advantage of this method is responding to the changing needs of your skin specifically and flexibly, depending on different skin conditions and seasons. So if you need a high-lipid care in winter, apply the face oil as the last layer. In summer, when your skin preferably needs moisture, a generously applied moisturizing serum may already sometimes be sufficient for a long-term beautiful, healthy skin.

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