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Fragrance Composition The bio perfume spray Gizeh convinces with a distinctive masculine,... more
Product information "Organic Perfume - GIZEH"

Fragrance Composition

The bio perfume spray Gizeh convinces with a distinctive masculine, deep and long lasting fragrance. It conveys the attraction of the free-spirited and at the same time sensual individualist.

Powerfully fresh Calabrian bergamot and wild lavender sage set the accents in the top note of this elegant organic perfume. In the heart note they melt together with the woody-warm nuances of Madagascar pepper and cypress. The base note is mystical incense and velvety vetiver, emitting a high-energy, masculine aura.

Premium Quality from Nature

The timeless, nonconformist fragrance focuses on a few, particularly expressive and all-natural vegan ingredients. The precious essential oils of this organic perfume express herb-masculine sensuality. The sensitively composed formula stands for optimized skin compatibility. The bio perfume spray Gizeh is suitable for spraying on skin, hair and clothing. Gizeh is packed in a minimalist glass bottle with metal sprayer and black cap.

Each myrto organic perfume is hand-crafted and bottled in our own factory - far from industrial mass-production. The essential oils are from organic farming or wild collection. The basis is organic alcohol (pure spirit of wine) and hydrolates from certified organic farming. For the sake of the environment, we not only abstain from chemicals, but also from unnecessary extra packaging.


  • Bergamot - unique herbal-fresh fragrance with sweet nuances, relaxing, antispasmodic and antidepressant effect. It reduces insomnia, fears and nervous tension;
  • Wild Lavender Sage - stimulating on mental-psychological level, strengthening the nerves and focusing the concentration in stressful times;
  • Black Pepper - soothes, relaxes and harmonizes with its warm, spicy and aphrodisiac scent, protecting against nervousness and inner restlessness, lightening the mood, clearing the mind;

  • Benzoe Siam Resin - the pleasant, long-lasting sweet fragrance provides a sense of security, acting against anxiety and as antidepressant;
  • Vetiver - the soft, woody-balsamic aroma and the high content of sesquiterpenes have a soothing, warming, psychologically invigorating and "earthy" effect;
  • Frankincense - has a great calming effect, promotes concentration, strengthening the nerves and memory, antidepressant;
  • Cypress - promoting concentration on the essential, makes you alert and attentive, strengthening the nerves.
myrto Guarantee Organic Cosmetics

The beautiful color is based on pure herbal ingredients. No preservatives, no silicones, no petroleum derivatives, no nanoparticles, no synthetic coloring or artificial fragrances are added. The product is  without genetic modification, without or palm oil. The product is vegan.

*according to cosmetics regulation
vegan: Yes
not comedogenic: yes
Pharmacy availability Germany: Yes, Pharmacy order no (PZN): 16656547


Spray the perfume lightly on the skin, your clothes or even on the hair. Since pure natural fragrances are not as long-lasting as conventional perfume, you can refresh the fragrance after a few hours if necessary.. 

Kundenstimme zum myrto Parfum Gizeh

Customer Stefan - Patchouli - distinctive, erotic and extraordinary in combination with Arabesque

This fragrance stands out from the mass of the usual men's fragrances known to me. The dominant patchouli has a pleasant intensity and durability and is particularly effective in combination with Arabesque.The combination looks more playful - Giza alone very self-confident. It is never too much and yet it is present - an attractive, sensual fragrance creation."


Alcohol (not denatured), Rosa Damascena Flower Water*, Parfum* ** | *certified organic cultivation | **pure essential oils

The natural essential oils contain as natural component Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene, Citronellol, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Cinamate, Cinnamal, Eugenol. There are no isolated fragrances added. An explanation of the ingredients can be found in our list of ingredients. The plants we use for our products are described in our  active agent glossarary.


The ingredients of this myrto product have been tested by Codecheck and are rated 100% green. With Codecheck you can find out what is behind the ingredients of your cosmetics. You can find out more about the evaluation of our ingredients and about Codecheck via the Codecheck app.

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