The right way to shower with sensitive skin

In the morning, when the alarm clock rings, a shower is the most popular pick-me-up for a refreshed start in the day. However, there are some things to keep in mind, especially if your skin is sensitive, prone to dryness or irritation.

What is the optimal water temperature?

Do you have a steaming bathroom after shower? Then your shower’s temperature is far too hot. Hot showers feel amazing and they are wonderfully relaxing, but stressful for your skin. Hot water removes natural oils from your skin and dries it out. Hot water damages particularly sensitive facial skin: it may provoke redness, scaly or itchy skin. Pimples are favored and fine veins on the face can burst. The optimum temperature during showering is between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius. An ice-cold rinse in the end is perfect, but this is not a must - especially in the cold season.

How long and how often should you take a shower?

To cleanse your skin, a three-minute shower time is enough, if you do not additionally wash your hair or shave. From a dermatological point of view daily showering is not necessary, due to skin barrier weakening effects of conventional shower gels. If you sweat a lot like after sports or in summer, keep your daily shower as short as possible.

What is the right care under the shower?

Most shower gels provide abundant lather, but they damage the protective layer of your skin. They contain aggressive surfactants, degreasing your skin and making it sensitive. To prevent this and to preserve a smooth, elastic skin for as long as possible, you should rely on high quality moisturizing care with natural ingredients. Our Bio Body Wash series provides valuable moisturizing agents for dry, stressed skin. Hydrating organic aloe vera gel and gentle washing-active amino acids preserve your skin’s moisture under the shower. The luxurious myrto shower balm contains hand-pressed and fair-traded argan oil from Morocco. In addition, we use cold-pressed plant oils of grapeseed, raspberry and black currant seed - all certified organic. These oils are immediately absorbed by your skin and leave a pleasant, non- greasy skin feel. Thus you prevent itching, feelings of tension and irritated, reddened skin.

Additional body care

After showering, gently dab your skin only half dry. Then apply a moisturizer like our Body Cream Argan Palmarosa or one of the all-natural myrto organic body oils for very dry, rough skin. They are particularly well absorbed on damp skin, sealing in the moisture. With their skin-like lipid structure, the myrto body oils provide a gentle skin protection. The minimalist myrto formulas work without unnecessary additives such as preservatives, alcohol, emulsifiers or artificial fragrances.

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