Puristic facial balm for dry skin

Versatile protective facial balm

With the winter temperatures not only come snowflakes, but also new challenges for our skin. The cold air can put a lot of strain on the skin and changes its needs. It is the time when intensive moisturizing care becomes essential to prevent dryness, redness and loss of moisture.

The secret of our savior lies in its unique formula. The water-free balm based on organic shea butter contains a harmonious composition of natural organic argan, jojoba, babassu and evening primrose oil.  Valuable amaranth seed oil soothes the skin and helps to repair the skin's own protective layer. Antioxidant magnolia bark delays skin aging caused by inflammation and promotes an even complexion.

The balm forms a protective barrier against winter cold, prevents dehydration and protects the skin from moisture loss. Its versatility makes it suitable not only as daily facial care, but also as a targeted intensive treatment if necessary.

The minimalist formula does not contain fragrances, alcohol, emulsifiers, preservatives or other additives that could irritate stressed, extremely dry and irritated skin. Especially in the cold season, you will love its benefits and not want to do without him anymore.

Puristic basic face cream

As a rich and at the same time puristic basic face cream, the Face Balm is applied to skin moistened with a toner or a hyaluronic serum and gently massaged in. Ideally, you can provide your skin with an additional active serum underneath the balm. The face balm combines with the serum to form a short-term emulsion on the skin so that the moisture can be optimally absorbed. The long-lasting beneficial effect ensures soft, elastic and firmer skin /p>

Cold protection cream

At temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius, when the skin's sebaceous glands limit their function, the skin barrier needs additional lipids to reinforce it from the outside. Otherwise, the skin's own protective layer becomes increasingly porous and the skin loses increased moisture. Be careful in sub-zero temperatures and  Water-based moisturizers: In extreme cases, these can freeze on your skin in frosty conditions. This can cause small, superficial veins on the face to burst open. As a cold protection cream in wind and weather or during winter sports, apply the face balm a little more liberally.  

Lip balm

In winter temperatures, the delicate skin of the lips in particular quickly becomes brittle and cracked because it has no sebaceous glands. Our vegan face balm makes the lips nice and supple again and prevents cracked corners of the mouth.

Intensive care for rough skin

The Organic Amaranth Face Balm is also ideal for use as a body cream. A small amount is enough to replace the missing lipids in dry, rough or cracked skin after showering. Massage the balm into damp skin before drying yourself. Even dry areas of skin on the knees or elbows become supple and soft again with the Amaranth Balm.

myrto Face Balm

Overnight hand cream treatment

If the skin on your hands is tight and itchy, rough and cracked, a hand cream treatment can work real wonders. To do this, cream your hands with a pea-sized amount of Amaranth Face Balm. Put a pair of thin cotton gloves over it and let the cream absorb overnight so that the active ingredients are deeply and completely absorbed into your skin.  

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