Protective Moisturizer

Thirst extinguisher for sensitive skin

Especially in the warmer season, the skin needs a boost of extra moisture. Our new Protective Moisturizer Fluid is a protective moisturizing booster for sensitive and irritated skin. The concentrated active ingredient treatment with very light texture soothes the skin, strengthens the skin barrier and counteracts dryness. As usual with myrto, the hypoallergenic formulation of the fluid is free of preservatives, alcohol, emulsifiers and essential oils.

Powerful bioactive moisturizer

We focussed on powerful bioactive nutrients that significantly increase the skin’s moisture level: ectoin, the plant microorganism and survival artist from barren drought regions, aloe vera and hyaluron, visibly tightening and smoothing the skin. Beta-glucan from oat supplementary acts as an active protective shield against evaporation strengthening the skin barrier. The result is a noticeably improved skin moisture level, the complexion is more rosy and taut, feelings of tension disappear. An additional antioxidant complex protects and regenerates sun light- and environment-related cell damage.

The Protective Moisturizer Fluid in the practical pump dispenser is delivered with an extra glass pipette. The fluid can be applied as a daily moisturizer alone, but also as a serum under a facial cream or oil. Perfectly suitable as a makeup underlay as well.

Here you'll find the new Bio Protective Moisturizer Fluid.