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Skin problems & care tips

Blog - Skin problems & care tips

Niacinamide for an even skin

An even, radiant complexion, fewer wrinkles, pimples and pigment spots: niacinamide is one of the most popular, most effective and skin-friendly active ingredients in cosmetics.

Face care in autumn

When the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, your skin not only needs additional moisture like it does in the summer months, but above all more comprehensive care. Cold temperatures, wind and heating air dry out the skin severely. They attack the protective skin barrier. As a result, the skin can no longer store enough moisture.

Layering - Individual Care System for A Beautiful Skin

Here we explain the right order of toner, serum, cream and facial oil for your individual facial care routine. With the layering method you can achieve a much higher effectiveness than with conventional individual care products.
The myrto eye serum ensures a radiantly beautiful look and gently smooth skin in the eye area. The focus of the formula is a triple combination of hyaluron and valuable skin-like lipids. A complex of argan oil, pomegranate seed extract and. . .

Protective Moisturizer

The new Protective Moisturizer Fluid is a protective moisture booster for sensitive and irritated skin.

Dermatest Excellent

Dermatological assessment of Bio Jojoba Day Cream S, Bio Argan Day Cream T, Bio Grapeseed Day Cream M