Natural Active Agents against Hair Loss

Perceiving hair loss

Most people have experienced at least once in their lives that their hair is increasingly falling out. A daily hair loss of about 80 to 100 hairs is completely normal. 

Even if you lose significantly more hair, it does not necessarily lead to bald spots, however, the hair appears thinner in some areas. However, if significantly more hair falls out over a longer period, the hair appears thinner in some areas or it comes to visible bald spots. Prolonged hair loss can be a significant psychological burden for the person affected.

Causes of hair loss

As we are closely related to the cycle of the seasons, hair loss is a natural phenomenon that tends to increase with the onset of autumn. On the other hand thinning hair and hair loss is often hereditary. In women, diffuse hair loss usually occurs in times of hormonal fluctuations such as after stopping the the pill, during menopause, but also after pregnancy or lactation period. Other causes of increased hair loss can be: pollutants and environmental toxins, ongoing stress, chemical hair dyes and perms, side effects of drugs, thyroid disorders or an unbalanced, low-vital nutrition. Even shampoos with aggressive surfactants and styling products with chemical ingredients can damage the hair root and lead to increased hair loss. It is usually difficult, if not impossible, to pinpoint the exact cause.

Why conventional medication is not the best solution against hair loss 

Numerous hair loss drugs interfere with the body's hormonal balance. Hormonally effective hair restorers may stop hair loss for the duration of their use. However, they often cause unwanted side effects in long-term use such as intolerances, allergic reactions, cardiovascular problems or hair growth not only on the head.

As dietary supplements to combat hair loss, brittle and thinning hair synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements are offered as well. Although such isolated micro-nutrients only minimally differ in their chemical structure from natural ones, they have a much poorer bioavailability. They can hardly be absorbed by our body because essential natural trace-materials are missing. Only the complex interaction of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and the numerous accompanying substances in natural active ingredients makes the actual health-promoting effect.

Natural agents for improved hair growth

There are some holistically effective and clinically proven natural ingredients that promote healthy hair growth and counteract hair loss. They improve the supply of the hair root with nutrients, vitamins and minerals in their natural composition.

  • Millet seed extract 
    Millet Seed Extract contains a high proportion of the clinically proven anti-hair loss drug miliacin. This valuable natural substance is extracted from millet in a special CO2 extraction process. Miliacin stimulates the extension of the hair growth phase and improves the supply of micronutrients to the hair root. It promotes cell division right at the hair root where hair growth takes place. The polyunsaturated linoleic acid in millet seed extract also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Millet contains the essential minerals for healthy hair growth: silicic acid, iron, vitamins B, E, K and folic acid in their natural composition.. 

  • Rosemary extract
    Since antiquity, rosemary is used in medicine for hair loss, dandruff and thinning hair. It stimulates the healthy circulation of the scalp, has an antibacterial effect and improves the hair root nutrient supply. Rosemary contains the potent natural agent carnosic acid to combat free radicals associated with hair loss.

  • Burdock root extract
    Burdock root extract is also known as "hairy weed". Long-term use has been proven to significantly improve existing genetic hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), stimulate blood flow to the hair root, protect against moisture loss and detoxify the scalp.

  • Sandalwood
    A recent study, conducted by a research team from the Monasterium Laboratory in Münster, found evidence that sandalwood oil can significantly prolong the hair growth phase, when the hair follicle is exposed to the fragrance. Further research results on this topic are still pending. 

For healthy hair growth and fuller hair, we particularly recommend the myrto Organic Shampoo Sandalwood Millet and the curative use of the myrto Organic Scalp Treatment H for hair loss. Additionally, we offer an organic anti hair loss kit.

Here you can find our Hair-Loss Guide.

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