Magnolia Calming Serum - Special Care for Rosacea-Sensitive Skin

The Magnolia Calming Serum was developed as a gentle special care for redness, irritated skin, couperose and rosacea. The recipe is characterized by pure natural ingredients and optimized skin compatibility - free from potentially irritating additives such as alcohol, emulsifiers, fragrances or preservatives.

Natural active substance magnolia extract

The magnolia, also called tulip tree, is mainly known for its magnificent, fragrant flowers. Less known is the pharmacologically used, powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect of magnolia bark with its ingredients magnolol and honokiol. Recent studies have proven the effectiveness of magnolia bark extract against so-called 'inflam aging' - these are chronic skin inflammations accelerating the skin aging process. They typically occur in reddened, rosacea-prone skin.

With licorice root and green tea extract, the new Calming Serum contains two more soothing, antioxidant and vascular strengthening ingredients. They soothe reddened and irritated skin, gently and sustainably balancing them. High- and low-molecular hyaluronic acid additionally provide intensive moisture, improve the skin’s elasticity and smooth out small wrinkles.

Concept for optimized skin compatibility

In order to achieve the best possible skin tolerance for redness, skin irritation, couperose and rosacea, our new serum - as usual with myrto facial care – is free from potentially irritating additives, such as alcohol, emulsifiers, preservatives or fragrances. The Calming Serum has a skin-like, slightly acidic pH of about 5.2. This skin-soothing special care is vegan and free of palm oil. It is ideal for combination with other myrto care products.

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