Emulsifier-free Face Care in Summer

In recent months we have been working at full speed on the development of our new vegan organic summer face oils. Until we can present them and all final tests and exams are passed, it will hopefully not be long.

Our Organic Day Creams in summer

Midsummer days do not mean that we should renounce our beloved emulsifier-free Bio Day creams and our skin needs mineral sunscreens instead with a high SPF. Not at all! Experience has shown that sun protection factors plays a minor role, if the skin is optimally supplied and supported in its own protective functions. Thus, plant extracts such as beta-glucan from oat, aloe vera and argan oil prove as scavengers against free radicals or DNA shield, which is essential  in summer times. Oxidative stable seed oils, lecithin and vitamins in natural composition provide an effective natural long-term protection against damage caused by UV radiation. Don’t forget staying in the shade sufficiently and protect your skin with appropriate clothing against aggressive sunrays. 

Combination of emulsifier-free day cream and mineral sunscreen

For a longer stay in sun you can combine the Bio Day Creams of myrto-naturalcosmetics with mineral sunscreen products. First apply your Bio Day Cream and then, about 15 to 30 minutes later, the additional mineral sunscreen. This ensures, that all the physiologically nourishing ingredients of your Bio Day Cream are absorbed and cannot be blocked by the shielding particles of the mineral sunscreen.

After Sun Face Care

As a soothing after-sun care as well, our Bio Day Cream is the perfect supply with its moisturizing and cell protecting  properties. Bio Day Cream is powerfully supplemented by Bio Night Oil with its high concentration of active ingredients and its unique regenerating effect. Thus, the healing process of reddened and irritated skin, micro-inflammation and sunburn is accelerated, moisture loss of skin cells after a prolonged sun bath is compensated.

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