Emulsifier-free cosmetics - the best for your skin

Why are usual emulsifiers no good choice?

Natural cosmetic care products such as creams usually contain emulsifiers based on fatty acids. These emulsifiers keep water and oily parts of an emulsion together. But this has also an unpleasant side effect: The protective and smoothing lipid film of the skin surface, the barrier layer is dissolved, wash-out and damaged. When the barrier layer is no longer intact, far-reaching implications for the balance of the skin approach:

  • The moisture of the skin can no longer be maintained and escapes to the outside (TEWL),

  • Pollutants from the outside can penetrate and pass through the porous barrier layer into deeper layers of the skin (see diagram).

  • Premature skin aging by washout of skin's lipid-protective materials and dehydration of the skin are favored.

Benefits of the myrto emulsifier plant fiber complex

In order to keep the protective hydrolipidic film of the skin's barrier layer intact, we use in our myrto recipes purely natural grain and fruit fibers, that hold the aqueous and oily components of an emulsion stable. This plant fibers can - unlike conventional emulsifiers - due to their molecular size do not penetrate the skin or dissolve the barrier layer. What are the benefits?

  • The plant fibers form a breathable protective film on the skin with pleasant firming skin.

  • The skin barrier of the stratum corneum remains intact and on a sustained basis, so that the moisture is absorbed into the skin and does not escape.

  • Pollutants from the outside can be blocked effectively (immunity).

  • All active ingredients such as plant-derived oils and extracts that are fixed between the plant fibers are optimally deeply discharged from there with full active content in the skin where they supply the tissue and regenerate.

The myrto emulsifier plant fiber concept has proven particularly on sensitive or problematic skin. It supports the natural balance of the skin features a smooth, soft and well-furnished complexion. This emulsifier concept we used in our myto Organic Day Cream, Organic Cleansing Creams, Organic Conditioner, Organic Deep Conditioner, Organic Scalp Treatments, Organic Finisher Sprays, Organic Deodorants.

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