Cosmetics without Palm Oil – Why?

Mass product palm oil

In recent decades, the food and cosmetics market has been flooded with palm oil products all over the world. Palm oil is the cheapest and most commonly used plant oil. According to studies by WWF and Greenpeace, palm oil is currently used in every second supermarket product. 

Fatal trend

Palm oil products are not only bad for the environment, driving the destruction of the rainforest and destroying many plant and animal species (e.g., orangutan, tigers). The working conditions in the huge palm oil monocultures are also humiliating and harmful to health, the workers receive hunger wages. Since 2016, the EU Food Authority has warned about the so-called glycidyl fatty acid esters in palm oil products. These health endangering substances are produced in high concentrations during the industrial refining process of palm oil at temperatures of up to 240 degrees Celsius. In studies, glycidyl fatty acid esters were classified as mutagenic and carcinogenic

Although being declared in food by law meanwhile, palm oil in cosmetics is still hidden behind various, sometimes changing, names. Thus, it is hardly possible for the consumer recognizing and avoiding processed palm oil in cosmetics. Furthermore, many of the emulsifiers, fatty alcohols and esterified lipids from refined palm oil are also considered to be comedogenic. They promote skin problems such as blackheads, pimples and acne.

Responsible alternative

A number of important reasons consequently, to counter this trend with an alternative taking responsibility: It works WITHOUT palm oil! In this sense, all myrto creams, lotions and conditioners are kept together 100% palm oil-free by fruit and cereal fibers. Instead of fatty alcohols and ester oils from refined palm oil, myrto inserts cold-pressed organic plant oils and butters with their full active spectrum from organic cultivation.

In order to achieve a maximum of quality together with a minimum of ecological footprint, we produce our exclusive natural cosmetics in small quantities with a lot of passion and manual work in our own manufactory - far from industrial mass production.


Here you will find our Bio face care without palm oil for sensitive skin.

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