Atopic Dermatitis - Why a Strong Skin Barrier is so Important

Symptoms and Causes

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic or relapsing inflammatory skin disease, manifesting as dry, scaly, itchy and reddened skin areas. Particularly affected parts of the body usually are the arm bends, knees, hands, face and neck area. The skin is hypersensitive to otherwise harmless mechanical, physical and chemical stimuli from outside, as well as to mental stress..

An atopic dermatitis is very stressful for those affected. An estimated 20% of all people in our western industrial nations are suffering from this skin disorder, with an even higher proportion among children. The causes are still not fully understood.

Atopic eczema seems to be caused partly genetic, but also environmental stress, stress, allergenic factors and chemical-synthetic substances play a role. Atopic dermatitis is characterized by a defect of the epidermal skin barrier with increased moisture loss through the skin and a weakened immune defense.

Why a strong skin barrier is so important

The epidermal skin layer is a protective barrier between our body and the environment. It is constructed like a brick wall. The horn cells of our epidermis correspond to the wall bricks. The skin's lipids keeping the barrier together, correspond to the connecting mortar between the bricks. An intact skin barrier has important tasks:

  • It protects our skin from moisture loss and premature aging. 
  • It repels environmental pollutants and allergenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria or fungi. 
  • A healthy skin barrier impedes the penetration of harmful UV radiation into deeper skin layers.

How to strengthen your skin barrier

1. Avoid any mineral oil ingredients (such as silicones and paraffins), preservatives, alcohol and fragrances in your face and body care..

2. Decide for an emulsifier-free skin care. Common cosmetic emulsifiers have the unpleasant side effect of washing out lipids from your epidermal skin layer. Thus the skin's ability of retaining moisture will be weakened, your skin will be drying out increasingly. Emulsifier-free cosmetics, in contrast, sustainably rebuild the protective skin layer..

3. A no-go for barrier-damaged skin are rough peelings. They weaken the already deregulated skin barrier even more, intensifying redness, dryness and pruritus..

4. To regenerate and strengthen your skin barrier, some natural ingredients have proven to be particularly effective:

  • Beta Glucan: This natural active ingredient from oats has been proven to possess excellent moisturizing and regenerating properties. Beta glucan is included in myrto Day Creamsmyrto Face Mask and in in all myrto Face Serums
  • Linoleic acid: This di-unsaturated fatty acid is an important part of our skin barrier. It is abundantly found in cold-pressed grape seed oil, black cumin oil or argan oil.
  • Gamma-linolenic acid: This valuable, triple-unsaturated fatty acid is found highly dosed in pomegranate seed oil, evening primrose oil, hemp oil or rosehip extract, 
  • Palmitoleic acid: improves the moisture binding of brittle skin. Cold-pressed avellana oil, seabuckthorn, avocado or macadamia oil are high in this unsaturated fatty acid. 
  • Squalene: This essential component of our skin barrier is found, in its naturally unsaturated form, especially in amaranth seed extract. 
  • Tocopherols: natural vitamin E, abundantly present in cold-pressed jojoba oil or native shea butter.

Our myrto facial care with its minimalistic number of ingredients is free from any unnecessary additives and fillers such as emulsifiers, alcohol or fragrances. It supports the skin barrier function for improved moisture retention and cellular immune protection.

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