3 Tips for Optimal Skin Care in Autumn

With shortening days and falling temperatures your skin not only needs extra moisture as during the summer months, but above all a richer, more comprehensive care. With our tips for a radiantly healthy glow your skin is optimally prepared for the coming time of the year. 

1. The right facial cleansing

Your facial cleanser should be free from surfactants and alcohol, so as not to unnecessarily degrease your skin. Compared to the summer, your cleanser can be richer in oil and lipids now. Hence we recommend the Argan Cleansing Cream T or our Bio Detox Cleansing Oil for the cooler season especially with dry skin. 

2. Regenerating ingredients for the skin barrier

With an increasingly cold wind and falling temperatures our skin can no longer produce enough lipids, tending to become dry, flaky or cracked. As a perfect solution the Bio Amaranth Face Balm with its native lipids and moisturizing agents provides dry skin with it all it needs in wind and weather.

The myrto organic facial oils from cold-pressed oils and WITHOUT fragrances have a protective, smoothing, rejuvenating effect. You may either apply them dropwise directly on your face or use them to enrich your day or night cream.

3. Soothing face mask 

If your skin is dry, irritated or still stressed by the holiday summer heat, treat her regularly, at least once a week with a calming and regenerating cream face mask. Perfectly appropriate is our Bio Soothing Beauty Mask with skin-tightening grape seed oil, beta-glucan and powerful antioxidants of acai berry and sea buckthorn.

We hope these skin care tips will help your sensitive skin to rebuild and strengthen your dermal protective barrier.

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