Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil) - Certified Organic Cultivation

The sunflower oil we use comes from a small oil mill that processes regionally and ecologically grown sunflower seeds from southern Germany. The naturally bright yellow and slightly nutty-scented oil with an intense sunflower aroma is gently cold-pressed at low temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius. A purely mechanical screw press is used for this.

Cosmetic effects of cold-pressed sunflower oil

  • Sunflower oil is rich in cell-protecting linoleic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and ensures supple, smooth skin.
  • The lecithin it contains strengthens the skin barrier and improves the skin's ability to bind moisture.
  • The high vitamin E content has an antioxidant effect, keeps the skin elastic, counteracts inflammation and premature skin aging.
  • Sunflower oil absorbs well into the skin without leaving a greasy film.
  • Sunflower oil reduces excessive sebum production.

This active agent has received the top rating "100% green ring" at is a neutral platform for product evaluations based on Ökotest and current scientific studies. By entering the name from the List of Ingredients (INCI) - the evaluation of the ingredient can be retrieved.