Which Face Cream fits my Sensitive Skin?

What characterizes sensitive skin?

About 50% of all Germans rate their skin as sensitive or hypersensitive. For sensitive skin, the protective barrier function of the upper skin layer is weakened or disturbed. If you belong to this type of skin, your skin reacts faster and more acute to external stimuli such as environmental pollution, cold, sun, dryness or temperature fluctuations. If the skin's own protective shield is no longer intact, your skin will be prone to irritation, tension or itching and react with redness, impurities or inflammation.

Ingredients you should avoid and alternatives for your facial care

In order to rebuild your skin barrier in the long term, you should above all banish chemical, aggressive and drying out ingredients from your cosmetics:

    • Preservatives
      Parabens in conventional synthetic cosmetics, but as well "nature-identical" preservatives approved for certified natural cosmetics, may irritate your sensitive skin. In contrast, there are modern natural cosmetics going without preservatives. The microbial effectiveness of these formulations is based on pure vegan organic acids additionally with excellent skin care properties.

    • Chemical sunscreens
      Many chemical sunscreens are not only hormonally effective and allergenic, but also promoting irritated and impure skin. Alternatives are natural cosmetic sun creams with a mineral sunscreen or facial oils with a purely herbal sunscreen.

    • Synthetic Fragrances
      Nearly all facial care products are perfumed with synthetic fragrances or natural essential oils. Indeed just people with sensitive skin cannot stand any fragrances at all on their face responding to them with irritations. The myrto facial care completely goes without any additional fragrances or essential oils. The pure scent of cold-pressed oils and plant extracts may at first seem a bit unfamiliar to you, but your sensitive skin will be happy about the good skin compatibility.

    • Surfactants and Emulsifiers
      Aggressive surfactants and emulsifiers dissolve your skin's own protective layer with skin lipids being washed out in later contact with water. Destroying the moisture binding capacity of your sensitive facial skin, it will more and more dry out, tending to premature signs of aging. Additionally, your skin can no longer protect itself against external pollutants, causing inflammation and impurities. Instead, emulsifier- and surfactant-free natural cosmetic facial care is by far the best option for you. Our myrto Cleansing Cream, for example, cleanses your face gently and thoroughly, even without foaming additives.

    • Alcohol
      Alcohol dries your skin out and weakens the protective lipid layer. You should as well better avoid fatty alcohols (such as Cetyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol ...), which are used as moisturizing and consistency giving co-emulsifiers: Sensitive skin often perceives them as unpleasantly sealing up and promoting impurities. In addition, fatty alcohols are industrially produced from refined, environmentally controversial palm oil.

    • Exfoliating Peelings
      Peelings do not only dissolve dead skin cells, but aggravate the already weakened protective layer of sensitive skin. Your skin subsequently often reacts with redness, pimples or extreme dryness, showing that it does not like this treatment.

Which ingredients are best for sensitive skin?

According to experience, sensitive facial skin prefers organic cosmetics with as natural ingredients as possible. The focus is on cold-pressed organic oils: argan oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, shea butter, hemp and evening primrose oil are soothing for sensitive, irritated skin and strengthen its protective layer. A leading role at the same time plays the multifunctional natural active beta-glucan: beta-glucan restores the skin barrier, binds long-lasting moisture in the skin and has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Restoring your lipid skin barrier is not only the best protection against skin disorders such as irritation, redness and impurities, but also the most effective anti-aging strategy for a long-term firm, elastic and healthy skin.

Generally, your sensitive skin care should contain only a few different ingredients to minimize the irritational potential. If you've found a suitable range of products that fits your skin, you should stick to it. The single products of a range are best coordinated and complement each other in their effect.

The three myrto facial care series for sensitive & irritated, dry & mature as well as sensitive combination skin meet all requirements for optimized skin compatibility. The myrto organic day creams have also received the dermatest award "excellent"

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