Organic Cosmetics for Asia – Handmade in Germany

About myrto-naturalcosmetics

Since 2013, myrto-naturalcosmetics has been producing innovative premium-class organic cosmetics, which are developed and handmade in our own manufactory in Germany, Bergisch Gladbach. myrto-naturalcosmetics offers 100% organic products in the area of Hair Care, Body Care and Face Care. The formulations are characterized by optimized skin compatibility and dispense of skin-weakening emulsifiers and preservatives. The facial care is 100% vegan, without alcohol or essential oils. Our organic cosmetics strengthen the natural skin barrier containing a minimalistic number of natural ingredients as. It is particularly developed for sensitive and problematic skin. The preferably fair trade raw material originates from certified organic farming or controlled wild collection. In addition to highly effective and solvent-free CO2 plant extracts, cold-pressed, natural plant oils preserve the full natural actives.

Do we deliver myrto premium organic cosmetics to the Asian market?

Yes, within the last 2 years we have delivered our premium products to the Asian market as well. Up to a volume of 1.000 Euro we deliver within 1 week to a very competitive price for shipment. If the shipment is less than 30 kg we deliver without additional agent, which means further cost advantage. Above 30 kg we can recommend  German agents, who can make the shipment ready for customs. In near future, it is planned, that we will do this service on ourselves.


What is the normal procedure to establish a business relationship?

  • We offer a special discounted price of our products for the Asian market.
  • You place an opening order.
  • After payment has arrived, we deliver inclusive freight & insurance.
  • You test the quality of our products and the procedure of payment and delivery.
  • If everything is ok, we will start a long-term business relationship.

Are you interested in a long-term partnership?

Please feel free to contact us by email at or fill in our partner form.

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