Lactic acid – underestimated active for healthy skin

Lactic acid is not among cosmetic’s well known beauty heroes. Nevertheless it is a highly effective and skin-friendly active ingredient. It is not only suitable for sensitive and mature skin, but also for sensitive combination skin prone to blemishes. Lactic acid is contained in a large number of myrto products - including our Cleansing Cream, our Toner, our Day and Night Cream, and the myrto Facial Serums.

What is lactic acid?

100% vegan lactic acid, also known as lactate, is obtained biotechnologically through the fermentation of carbohydrates such as sugar or starch. Lactic acid occurs naturally in beer, whey and dairy products. As part of the diet, lactic acid supports the healthy intestinal flora and stabilizes our immune system..

How does lactic acid affect the skin?

Lactic acid is a highly effective and skin-friendly ingredient for sensitive skin. - even if the term acid initially suggests an aggressive substance. Lactic acid is the gentlest of the so-called alpha hydroxy acids (AHA acids). The group of AHA acids also includes glycolic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, mandelic acid and many other fruit acids, which, however, are less suitable for sensitive skin. While AHA acids work on the surface of the skin reducing signs of aging, beta-hydroxy acids (BHA acids) also have a lipid-dissolving effect. The BHA acids include salicylic acid and hydroxybutyric acid. You will not find these active ingredients in natural cosmetics. They work against pimples, acne and acne scars, but are by no means recommended for sensitive skin.

What are the main benefits of lactic acid?

  • Lactic acid stabilizes the slightly acidic pH value of healthy skin flora. .

  • Lactic acid strengthens the protective acid mantle of the skin helping to ward off external pollutants.

  • Lactic acid counteracts skin cornifications with an extremely gentle peeling effect.

  • As one of the skin's natural moisturizing factors (NMF), lactic acid ensures that our skin cells are better able to bind and store moisture.

  • Lactic acid stimulates cell division and the formation of new collagen fibers.

  • Lactic acid gently lightens pigment spots.

  • Lactic acid helps to refine the pores.

  • Lactic acid inhibits the growth of microbial germs.

As an active agent in several myrto products, 100% vegan lactic acid provides the best care for both mature and sensitive skin prone to blemishes.