Copaiba Blemish Serum - Special Care for Pimples and Acne-Prone Skin

The myrto Copaiba Blemish Serum was developed. The Blemish Serum is a special care product made from highly potent natural ingredients for sensitive skin. This serum helps to inhibit inflammation, allow pimple marks to heal quickly, regulate the skin's sebum and oil production and reduce enlarged pores. 

Anti-comedogenic natural active ingredients

In the myrto Blemish Serum, inflammation, pimples and acne are treated in a purely natural way by Copaivabalsam and Tamanuöl with their strong antibacterial and healing properties. Copaiva balsam is considered the strongest herbal antibiotic. Grape seed oil with the antioxidants resveratrol and OPC regulates sebum production, accelerates the skin's healing process and prevents scarring. It ensures visibly smoother, tighter and denser skin. Zinc, vitamin C and carotenoids also promote detoxification and strengthen the skin's own immune system.

Improved skin structure through hyaluronic acid

At the same time, 0.5% plant-based hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates the skin and smoothes small wrinkles. A triple combination of different molecular sizes made from high, medium and low molecular hyaluronic acid has proven particularly effective. While high-molecular hyaluronic acid has an immediate hydrating effect, low-molecular hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin to replenish moisture depots and plump up the skin from the inside out. The hyaluronic acid used by myrto is vegan, PETA-certified and particularly skin-friendly. To increase hydration even over the long term and minimize moisture loss through the skin (transepidermal water loss = TEWL), beta-glucan from oats and vegan lactic acid build up the protective skin barrier.

Optimized skin compatibility

The Copaiba Blemish Serum is vegan and palm oil-free. It is also free of potentially irritating additives such as alcohol, emulsifiers, preservatives and fragrances. Alcohol in particular is still found in most anti-pimple preparations. Although alcohol usually dries out the pimples after a short time, its degreasing effect destroys the protective skin barrier. This causes the skin to lose its immune protection, meaning that pollutants that cause pimples from outside can increasingly penetrate the skin. Emulsifiers often have a comedogenic effect, especially emulsifiers made from palm oil. H. They promote blackheads and other skin impurities. The myrto Blemish Serum is therefore emulsifier-free. It has 100% anti-comedogenic ingredients and a skin-analogous, slightly acidic pH value of approx. 5.2.

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