After Sun Care - Tips For Sensitive Skin

Vitamin D strengthens our immune system and counteracts depressive moods. It makes a decisive contribution to bone stability and healthy tooth preservation. The sun is indispensable for a sufficient supply of vitamin D to our body, because our body can only produce this essential vitamin with the help of solar radiation.

However, staying in the sun for too long without additional UV protection can cause painful sunburn that is equivalent to a first- and second-degree skin burn. Most of us know the feeling: the skin feels hot, it is tight, it is reddened, itchy and painful. Severe sunburn lasts up to a week for the symptoms to completely subside. Years of excessive sun damage our skin in the long term, as it can lead to dry, leathery skin with premature wrinkling and hyperpigmentation or even skin cancer.

Pre Sun skin care

When sunbathing, a reasonable amount and adequate sun protection are essential. The UV protection should be adapted to the individual skin type and the intensity of the UV radiation. We recommend herbal sun protection for daily use on sensitive skin. In contrast to sun protection with chemical or mineral UV filters, the purely plant-based alternative does not impair the body's adequate supply of vitamin D. Cold-pressed avellana and karanja oil absorb harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation with a plant-based sun protection factor 10, which, however, may - according to the EU Cosmetics Ordinance - not be declared. A synergetic mix of antioxidants supportively activates the repair enzymes against cell damage caused by UV-radiation. The Sunshine Day Oil is free from emulsifiers, fragrances and other additives.

After sun skin care

To keep your skin healthy and wrinkle-free for as long as possible, don't neglect a proper skin care after you've been in the sun. Here are our 5 after-sun skin care tips:

  • Lukewarm shower
    After extensive sunbathing, you should first take a lukewarm shower to remove sweat, sunscreen, salt or chlorinated water. When drying, avoid rubbing or rubbing, but rather just gently pat the irritated skin dry.
  • Sufficient amount of water to drink
    Make sure you drink enough water, tea or fruit rich in vitamins and water to compensate for the loss of fluid from the sun.
  • Soothing moisturizer without fragrances or alcohol
    The Magnolia Calming Serum with its light texture is the ideal immediate aid for the face to compensate for the moisture loss in your skin caused by the sun. With anti-inflammatory magnolia bark, licorice root and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, it soothes your sun-stressed complexion deeply. The serum, based on cooling aloe vera juice, is free from fragrances, alcohol and emulsifiers, which can irritate your skin and further dry it out.
  • Regenerating face mask for the face
    Since the sun not only removes moisture from our skin, but also the skin's own fats (lipids), use additional moisturizing care that strengthens and rebuilds your skin's protective barrier and at the same time prevents your skin from becoming too dry. The soothing myrto face masks stimulate the regeneration of stressed, sun-damaged skin. They contain nutrient-rich natural ingredients and antioxidants in high concentrations. The myrto face masks are also free from fragrances, alcohol and emulsifiers.
  • Regenerating body care
    The After Sun Body Oil Wild Berries is a repairing body care product for sensitive and sun-reddened body skin. The cold-pressed oils and ultra-pure plant extracts are quickly and deeply absorbed into the skin without leaving the skin feeling greasy. The body oil is suitable for use on dry skin or on damp skin after a shower. With the healing-promoting vitamins A, C and E, the after sun body oil helps to repair sun-related cell damage and counteract inflammation. The natural, high carotene content of sea buckthorn berries and rose hips intensifies and extends a soft holiday tan.

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