Coriander Oil

Coriander Oil (Coriandrum Sativum Oil) - Certified Organic Cultivation

Coriander with its valuable actives has been used in natural healing for thousands of years. The oriental herb is native to North Africa and the Middle East. Belonging to the plant family of umbelliferae, coriander herbs produce delicate white flowers with small berries emerging in late summer. You need 80 kg coriander berries to win one liter of essential oil.

Typical of coriander oil is the refreshing, spicy-lemony fragrance, which is said to have an erotic effect. Coriander oil relaxes the mind, has a balancing and soothing effect on stress. It stimulates our immune system, strengthens vitality and promotes healthy blood circulation in the body. Coriander oil acts highly anti-inflammatory, counteracts fungal diseases and bacteria. In addition, the essential oil is used to bind and conduct detrimental heavy metals, such as mercury or lead, out of our body.



This active agent has received the top rating "100% green ring" at is a neutral platform for product evaluations based on Ökotest and current scientific studies. By entering the name from the List of Ingredients (INCI) - the evaluation of the ingredient can be retrieved.

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