Avocado Oil

Avocado oil (Persea gratissima oil) - certified organic cultivation

Avocado oil (Persea Gratissima Oil) comes from a tree out of the laurel family , which was originally native to Mexico . The Aztecs used the pulp for ointments for skin aging and growth-enhancing hair care.

Avocado oil is centrifuged from the pulp of fresh fruits gepfückter . The seeds of avocado contain only about 2 % fat and can not be used for oil recovery. The cold-pressed avocado oil we use comes from organic farming in Kenya, where it is produced by small farmers and fair trade . The cold-pressed avocado oil has preserved its original green color and the characteristic pleasant sweet fragrance.

Avocado oil has a high content of unsaturated palmitoleic and valuable unsaponifiables including tocopherols (vitamin E) , carotenoids ( natural beta -carotene) and phytosterols. These ingredients act as natural antioxidants of skin aging , inhibit inflammation and provide natural light UV protection. In addition, they improve the microcirculation and strengthen the barrier function of the skin . In the natural hair care Avocado oil is known for its invigorating hair , gloss- and growth-promoting properties.


This active agent has received the top rating "100% green ring" at Codecheck.info. Codecheck.info is a neutral platform for product evaluations based on Ökotest and current scientific studies. By entering the name from the List of Ingredients (INCI) - the evaluation of the ingredient can be retrieved.

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