Curtain up for the new myrto Organic Perfume!

With our new organic perfume collection we want to set a counterweight to usual mainstream fragrances from the chemical laboratory and continue our path back to nature.

Why not conventional perfumes?

At a time when more and more fully and semi-synthetic additives have entered industrial perfume production, more and more people are affected by allergies. Conventional perfumes contain synthetic fragrances and other harmful ingredients classified by Codecheck as questionable or highly questionable. They pollute our body with substances being toxic, allergenic, carcinogenic, hormonally active and even reprotoxic. In addition, conventional perfumes are usually still perceptable on the skin after days and can hardly be washed off. They are weighing down and are often perceived as an olfactory nuisance by sensitive people.

Quality of the myrto natural perfume

The new myrto natural perfumes are exclusively based on finest, purely natural essential oils, dissolved in organic alcohol (wine spirit) and organic hydrolates. Our natural perfume is handcrafted in small batches in our manufactory.

With our new Eau de Parfum Arabesque we present an organic perfume showing your natural individuality, self-confidence and expressiveness. It takes you into mysterious oriental worlds of fragrance. Arabesque opens with citrus-bitter petitgrain and fruity tangerine notes. The beguilingly sensual Ylang Ylang blossom forms the central fragrant note in combination with exotic spices. The base is determined by an ensemble of gentle Benzoe resin, mysterious Patchouli and soft Vanilla.

Bio Natur Parfum

The very complex, multi-layered fragrance of organic perfume comes into contact with your skin and creates an individual interaction. When choosing your organic fragrance, less is more. A natural perfume accompanies and envelops you gently. Compared to conventional perfumes, it has a significantly shorter duration on your skin. The fragrance unfolds individually different on each skin. Therefore, it is especially important that the fragrance suits you.

You should at first try out your favorite organic perfume in the handy 5 ml travel size. It fits in any handbag, is the ideal travel companion and you can refresh the fragrance spontaneously at will. Use your perfume pure, directly on your skin or your hair, or on your scarf or cloth.


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