Anti-aging for sensitive skin: the Brightening Vitamin Serum

What is the Brightening Vitamin Serum?

The Brightening Vitamin Serum is an active ingredient elixir with a light texture. It was specially developed for sensitive skin. The concentrate does not contain any fragrances, alcohol, emulsifiers or preservatives that can irritate sensitive skin. The Brightening Vitamin Serum provides intensive, deeply effective moisture, counteracts hyperpigmentation and promotes an even complexion. Anti-inflammatory natural ingredients also improve the complexion of blemishes or pimples. This highly active elixir is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive, sensitive and mature skin.

  • It combats visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and dryness.
  • It promotes cell renewal for a smooth, refreshed complexion.
  • It softens acne males, dark pigmentation and sun spots.
  • It replenishes the skin's moisture stores and keeps the skin elastic.
  • It strengthens the function of the skin barrier so that skin impurities, clogged pores, blackheads and redness are sustainably reduced.

What is special about this serum?

The Brightening Serum contains an effective composition of skin-correcting natural vitamins. The Bakuchiol plant extract used is a skin-friendly, plant-based alternative to smoothing retinol or vitamin A - without its irritating side effects. In synergy with vitamin C and vitamin B3, Bakuchiol also has a lightening effect on pigment, sun and age spots. The collagen formation for youthfully elastic skin is also stimulated. Highly dosed hyaluronic acid in different molecular sizes makes the facial contours appear firmer and smoother. An antioxidant complex made from tocopherol (vitamin E), sea buckthorn and liquorice root stimulates cell renewal, soothes the skin and prevents cell damage from external factors.

As usual with myrto facial care, this vegan serum is also free from palm oil and additives such as alcohol, preservatives and fragrances. Emulsifiers are also taboo - as in all myrto products: Emulsifiers not only combine aqueous and oily components in your facial care, but also emulsify with the skin's own lipids (fats) in your skin barrier. and in this way weaken them more and more. So your skin barrier is weakened increasingly. It loses its ability to retain moisture. As a result, your skin dries out more and more.

Instead of the usual emulsifiers, we at myrto use natural ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier. These are mainly vegetable phospholipids (hydrogenated lecithin, part of every human cell membrane) as well as pectin and beta-glucan. In all myrto creams and serums, pectin from fruit fibers holds oily and water-soluble components of the recipe together like a grid on the skin. It forms a thin, breathable protective film on the skin. At the same time, the highly active natural ingredient beta-glucan from oats with its protective and healing properties is channeled into the deep layers of the skin. Beta-glucan stimulates the formation of tissue-tightening collagen, has an anti-inflammatory effect and binds moisture in the skin deeply. In this way you can rebuild your skin barrier and look forward to long-term healthy, timelessly beautiful skin.

How should you use the vitamin serum?

Here you can see the application of the serum

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