Vanilla Extract

Vanilla (Vanilla Planifolia Extract)

Real vanilla (Vanilla Planifolia) is obtained from the fruit of a beguiling fragrant orchid species with yellow-white flowers. It is originally native in the light shade of the tropical forests of Central America. Today, sustainable vanilla cultivation is carried out in elaborate manual labor mainly in Indonesia, La Reunion and Madagascar. The noble, subtle scent of real vanilla consists of more than 250 individual components and is not to be confused with the inferior, rather harmful synthetic "vanillin". Real vanilla is the epitome of warmth and security, stimulates sensuality, makes restlessness and irritation melt away.

Even the Aztecs knew the many positive effects on the organism and used vanilla not only to increase physical endurance, but also specifically to improve their brain performance. Vanilla was an important component of the Aztec power drink "Xocoatl", a kind of spiced cocoa drink with water, from which the ruler Montezuma should have drunk 50 cups a day. The women of the Aztecs rubbed their bodies to stimulate sensuality with the vanilla pod. Today, we know that the fragrance composition of vanilla is very similar to human sexual attractants.

Even with strained nerves, general restlessness and sleep disturbances, the strong soothing effect of vanilla was used in our traditional medicine. Less well known is the healing effect of the extract on skin fungus infections, inflammation and bacterial infections. Thus, real vanilla can be used to support the eczema of the skin or atopic dermatitis.

The oily vanilla extract used by us comes from certified organic cultivation in Madagascar, where the plants are cultivated with their characteristic pods in elaborate handwork and painstaking, weeks of processing. Of course, no pesticides are used. The valuable, antioxidant ingredients remain authentic and highly purified by the gentle CO2 extraction method without solvents.


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