Schizandra Berry Extract

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Schizandra (Schizandra Sphenanthera Extractis) a native to Asia and deciduous woody climbing plant from the family of Sternanisgewächse that can be 8m high up to and thrives in our climate. The beautiful red Schizandra berries look almost as big of currants , have cleansing and revitalizing effect and have all five tastes: sweet , sour, salty , bitter and sharp. Main active ingredient of the berries is Schizandrin that accelerates the regeneration of skin cells and thus counteracts premature aging. The extract used by us from Schizandra berries was extracted conventionally not with alcohol, but with supercritical CO2 in order to preserve all the active ingredients , especially the delicate and highly effective Schizandrin in pure natural composition and concentration.


The extract is traditionally regarded as a beauty product and is used to increase vitality and reduce stress. The red Schizandra berry is in the oriental medicine because of its detoxifying , anti-inflammatory and anti- oxidative, ie of aging counteracting properties used, is particularly rich in vitamins E, C and A, B6 and valuable flavonoids. As a cosmetic active ingredient Schizandra extract is an ideal means for the care of sensitive, stressed and sensitive skin. It soothes the skin and is also suitable for the care of allergy-prone skin.

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