Sage Oil

Sage (Salvia Officinalis Oil) - Certified Organic Cultivation

The sage bush is native to the Mediterranean region, its name derives from the Latin verb "salvare" = to heal. Sage oil (Salvia Officinalis Oil) has an antibacterial, astringent effect and is particularly suitable for impure, oily skin. In mature skin, sage oil supports tissue collagen formation and counteracts premature skin aging and environmental damage caused by free radicals. Sage has a clarifying and toning effect on inflamed, greasy or scaly scalps. The sage oil we use comes from Italy and Spain.

Sage oil is obtained by steam distillation of sage leaves (Salvia officinalis). Sage oil as a versatile remedy has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Typical uses of sage oil are:

  • against excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis): the astringent effect of sage oil causes the pores to contract.
  • promotes healthy blood circulation
  • relieves inflammatory sore throats
  • helps against gingivitis
  • inhibits bad breath

Sage oil should only be used very diluted, both externally and internally.
On a psychological level, sage oil has a balancing, relaxing and nerve-strengthening effect. It reduces stress-related symptoms. Sage has a calming, but also stimulating and strengthening effect. Sage counteracts depressive moods and promotes concentration.


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