Green Tea

Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis Extract) - Controlled organic cultivation

Green tea is traditionally from China. It is made from the leathery leaves of the evergreen tea plant. In China, green tea has been valued for millennia not only as a stimulant, but above all as a medicinal plant. In today's pharmacy and cosmetics are mainly the antioxidant polyphenols (catechins) in the focus. Catechins are proven to inhibit inflammation. They promote skin detoxification and prevent pimples, pustules and eczema. Green tea has an astringent effect on the tissue, stimulates cell metabolism and slows down skin aging. Other skin-active ingredients in green tea are:

  • Potassium: significantly involved in the regulation of the water content in the cells, it provides sufficient moisture and prevents the premature relaxation of the skin.
  • Calcium: stabilizes the cell membrane. Calcium is necessary for cell division as a prerequisite for a fresh, firm complexion.
  • Zinc: supports the immune system and metabolism, but is also involved, for example, in the health and resilience of healthy hair.
  • Vitamin C: essential for the collagen formation of the skin, counteracts pigmentation disorders, skin spots and age spots.

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