Argan Oil

Certified Organic Cultivation

Argan oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil), also known as the "Gold of Morocco ", is one of the most valuable and most expensive plant oils at all. The argan tree, which provides the seed for this oil, grows only in a narrowly circumscribed area in the southwest of Morocco and at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. His nickname " tree of life" refers to the extreme durability and long life. Argan trees can be up to 450 years old, its roots go down to 30m depth.

The processing of fleshy fruits that contain the oily seeds, is an important part of the Moroccan Berber culture. Traditionally, the fruits are collected by Berber women, dried in the sun, pitched with a stone and then pressed the seeds in laborious hand work. It takes about 20 hours to this very elaborate hand-pressed, 1 liter of argan oil is extracted from the tiny nuclei in the Arganmandeln . For one liter of argan oil crop of about 4-5 argan is required, which corresponds to an amount of 30 kg fruit. Significantly greater the yield in modern mechanical oil pressure , but at the cost of a significant loss of quality. Moreover, these modern processing method destroys the traditional economic base of the Berber families. Women's work is reduced when mechanical pressure on the gathering of the fruit. Myrto -natural cosmetics used exclusively hand-pressed oil that is produced by women's cooperatives in the traditional village environment and fair trade.

Argan oil  has a light yellow to yellow in color and consists of about 80 % of unsaturated fatty acids with a particularly high proportion of polyunsaturated linoleic acid. Linoleic acid protects skin and hair in particular against moisture loss and damaging environmental influences, prevents premature wrinkles and hair breakage. In addition, Argan oil contains a high amount of tocopherols (vitamin E) , the ward at the cellular level successfully damaging "free radicals " and so can neutralize skin damage. They also tighten as antioxidants tissue with simultaneous natural protection against UV rays. Special offer skin protection the triterpenes and sterols contained. They inhibit inflammation, act anti-fungal and anti -viral and strengthen the skin barrier . Argan oil with its cell-stimulating effect is not only used for dry, mature and sagging skin, but also in cases of psoriasis , eczema , acne and eczema.


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