What Sensitive Combination Skin Needs in the Cold Season

With temperatures dropping noticeably and days getting shorter, chilly winds sweep all the colorful autumn leaves from the trees. Our skin is simultaneously strained by the cold outside and dry heating air inside. With dropping temperatures our sebaceous glands produce less lipids, thus weakening  our skin‘s natural protective layer. In this transitional period especially sensitive combination skin requires more attention, as it reacts quickly irritated to the change of external influences.

How to Recognize Sensitive Combination Skin

Combination skin is characterized by an oily T-zone in the forehead, nose and chin area. In contrast, the cheek area is rather dry and rough. Sensitive combination skin tends to impurities, itching and redness. It does not like fragrances, emulsifiers, preservatives or alcohol. How can problems with sensitive combination skin be prevented in the cold season?

Gentle Facial Cleansing

The excessive sebum production in the T-zone is not least a protective mechanism for sensitive combination skin to compensate for moisture loss in case of wrong skin care. This can lead to clogged pores, pimples and acne spurts. Facial cleansing for sensitive combination skin requires gentle and moisturizing formulations such as the Bio Grape Seed Cleansing Cream - without surfactants, fragrances or alcohol. This facial cleanser strengthens the natural skin barrier,  preventing moisture and lipid loss.

Nourishing Day Care

The Bio Grape Seed Day Cream is a slightly richer day cream for application instead of - or in addition to - the light summer moisturizer serum. The high proportion of organic shea butter, cold-pressed argan and grapeseed oil has a moisturizing effect, optimally protecting your skin against free radicals and thus against premature skin aging. Additional extracts of rosemary and chamomile inhibit inflammation, regulating the sebum flow and soothing your stressed skin.

The Bio Balancing Oil works against impurities and inflammation with partial excessive sebum production as well. Apply 1-2 drops pure on damp skin or for enrichment of your face cream in the cold, sun-poor season.

Soothing Extra Care

If your skin is irritated or red in the cold season due to constantly changing temperatures and dry heating air, treat it with a calming facial mask about once a week, if necessary even more frequently. Our Bio Jojoba Night Cream & Mask is rich in firming grapeseed oil and anti-inflammatory beta-glucan. Sea buckthorn as radical scavenger and anti-aging ingredient promotes the buildup of collagen fibers in our connective tissue. Regenerative and healing processes are stimulated as well.

Diet and Skin Appearance

Did you know that just dispensing from cow's milk can quickly help to sustainably improve your skin's appearance? Dairy products promote internal inflammation processes, contributing to acne attacks. Substitute animal milk with herbal alternatives such as oat, soy, almond or rice milk. Additionally avoid fast food and high-sugar foods as far as possible, as they promote impure skin and pimples as well. Instead, eat well with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and nuts. Thus pumpkin seeds, fennel, chia seeds or quinoa contain important micronutrients such as zinc, iron, vitamins A, B3, C and E - indispensable for healthy, pure skin!

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