What is the Best Night Care - Moisturizer, Face Oil or Night Cream?

Natural skin activity phases 

During the day our skin produces sebum, protecting us against harmful environmental influences. Consequently day creams are generally lighter moisturizers. At night, our skin regenerates, increasing cell division rate and blood circulation. Our fibroblasts produce new collagen. The skin metabolism repairs the damage of the day, excreting waste products through our pores. A beneficial skin treatment for night time therefore has to support our skin during these regeneration and excretion processes.

Different night care strategies

There are three different concepts for night care:

  • Light facial moisturizer
    One of the night-care strategies, preferably for greasy and impure combination skin, sometimes even recommended for dry skin, is a low-lipid moisturizer overnight. The conviction behind is, that our skin is especially stimulated to increased sebum production by low-lipid treatments. This method dispenses with rich night creams. Instead, there are moisturizing serums as overnight special care enriched with hyaluronic acid, medicinal plants and minerals. Depending on your skin type, myrto offers the Protective Moisturizer Fluid for this night care strategy.
  • Facial night oil
    A rather innovative, minimalist night care strategy are the myrto organic night oils with pure active ingredients, polyunsaturated lipid acids and without any additives. They are especially convincing with their first-class skin compatibility, effectiveness and extremely economical use. The inserted plant oils are "dry oils". So they are absorbed quickly and completely into the skin, without any greasy feel.  They are free of comedogenic ingredients, known for sealing the skin and promoting pimples.
  • Rich night cream
    The classic cosmetics offers especially rich and moisturizing facial creams for night care. They are intended to stimulate the skin renewal process by supplying the skin with missing active ingredients. The disadvantage of such rich night creams is the high proportion of emulsifiers in high-lipid creams. Unfortunately, this is hardly known: conventional emulsifiers not only hold together aqueous and fatty parts of a cream, but they also emulsify further on in our skin, dissolving the skin's own lipids in our protective lipid barrier. Upon contact with water, the dissolved lipids are then washed out of the skin. As a result, our skin dries out more and more - despite or just because of the constant creaming with an emulsifier-containing cream.

    Therefore, the emulsifier-free myrto organic night creams pursue a completely different, new concept. Instead of conventional emulsifiers, finely ground vegetable fibers and hydrogenated lecithin are inserted. The phospholipids with the active phosphatidylcholine are the main constituent of the human cell membranes. They strengthen the lipid barrier, smoothing the skin and refining the pores. Unlike conventional night creams, sealing the skin with their mineral oil-based ingredients and thus promoting impurities, the ingredients of myrto night creams are 100% non-comedogenic (see Hautschutzengel). The night creams gently wrap the skin without sealing up. They also contain the anti-inflammatory natural ingredient beta-glucan, providing a soothing After Sun care.

Conclusion: Night cream - yes or no?

There is no general recommendation for or against a night cream. It is a question of your individual skin type, your current skin condition, and your sense of what night care you are comfortable with: whether you prefer a non-greasy moisturizer, a rich anti-aging night cream, a light serum, or a minimalist facial oil. This can also change, depending on the season. In summer, your skin may be more comfortable with a light serum overnight, while in winter it prefers a richer night cream. After a long day of sunbathing, a night cream as After Sun facial care can do little wonders when it comes to soothing sun-stressed, irritated skin. Also applied selectively as intensive care to very dry, problematic skin areas, a rich night cream without emulsifiers keeps your skin elastic and soft.

In any case, you should take care not to burden your skin with a variety of unnecessary care substances. When choosing your ideal night care, it is especially important to have products with the highest quality ingredients, as low in irritants as possible, and considered safe in terms of their skin and environmental compatibility (for example: www.codecheck.info). Thereby nothing stands in the way of your nightly beauty sleep.

Bio Nachtcreme und Gesichtsoel

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