What is special about allergen-free CO2 plant extracts?

Herbal extracts play a central role in natural cosmetics and there are many manufacturing methods to use the active ingredients from plants. The ingredients are traditionally obtained with aqueous-alcoholic extracting agents or vegetable oils.

myrto-naturalcosmetics preferably uses CO2 plant extracts in its organic natural cosmetics products, which are produced in a particularly gentle, residue-free and sterile manner with carbon dioxide as the extractant. With 0.03%, carbon dioxide is a natural component of our breathing air. After extraction, it is recycled and used repeatedly. Since no solvents are used in the production, the extracts produced in this way are always solvent-free. Highly concentrated and very pure extracts are produced under high pressure, in an oxygen-free space and at a low temperature. In the case of sensitive raw materials in particular, these extracts contain ingredients that are not found in conventionally produced plant extracts, or are nowhere near as highly concentrated.

The complex equipment for CO2 extraction is designed for an extremely high pressure of 75 bar, which corresponds to a depth of 4000 m below sea level. Only a temperature of around 31 degrees Celsius is needed to extract the plants, so that heat-sensitive, sensitive bioactive substances and aromas in particular are optimally preserved.

myrto-naturalcosmetics setzt Co2-Extrakte beispielsweise ein in: Bio Shampoo, Bio Conditioner, Bio Haarkur, Bio Haarmaske, Bio-Kopfhautkur und Bio Body Wash.