The Purifying Free Shampoo – Available in Big Size now

Our Purifying Free Organic Shampoo for deep cleansing is available in 500ml big size now with practical pump dispenser.

What is so special about this deep cleansing shampoo?

Like all our myrto organic shampoos, the Purifying Free Bio Shampoo is characterized by its extremely skin-friendly formula based on washing-active amino acids. We use this top-class herbal surfactant (Sodium / Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate) in maximum concentration. The Purifying Free Shampoo is free from alcohol, silicones, sulphates and fragrances. This 100% vegan detox shampoo is extremely skin-friendly, despite its increased washing power - even for regular use and with sensitive scalp. A shampoo should always cleanse - but why a special organic shampoo for deep cleansing?

Scalp-friendly deep cleansing in the transition phase

The Purifying Free Shampoo removes hair care and styling residues. In the transition phase of switching to natural hair care, as well as from usual organic shampoos to really skin-friendly surfactants, the scalp often secretes excessive sebum. The transition phase can take a few weeks. Increased re-greasing is a reaction to aggressive surfactants in both conventional and organic shampoos being harsh, unnecessarily degreasing and irritating your scalp. For example, common organic shampoos usually contain a high proportion of the aggressive surfactant Sodium Coco Sulfate, yet certified for natural cosmetics. You’ll realize the proportion of Sodium Coco Sulfate being declared at the front of the Ingredients list, directly after water.

In contrast to these harsh shampoos, the Purifying Free Shampoo is the gentle alternative for a scalp- and hair-friendly deep cleansing. After the transition phase with its possible side effects, your sebum production will normalize, irritations will calm down and the scalp secretes less sebum. Your hair needs to be washed less frequently, it grows stronger and healthier.

Individual cleansing booster in between

Who believes, a lot helps a lot, is wrong concerning hair care additives. Rather, over-groomed hair becomes oily-streaky and weighing down. Does your hair appear like this right after washing? In this case you should slightly increase the cleansing power of your shampoo. How does it work? 

Mix one pump shock of your Purifying Free Shampoo individually with any other myrto organic shampoo. This works easily, for example, in the plug-in lid of the myrto Airless dispenser or an empty shampoo bottle. For easier distribution of your shampoo on the scalp, mix it about 1: 7 with water, then thoroughly massage in onto your scalp.

The result will be healthy and vibrant hair with more natural fullness. We recommend to repeat this individual washing power boost of your shampoo from time to time - whenever you notice, your hair is over-groomed, stringy and weighing down. To prevent your hair tips from drying out or split ends, apply an organic rinse-off or leave-in conditioner additionally.


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