Summer Face Care for Sensitive Skin

Heat, dryness, sea and chlorine water - in summer, your skin is under particular stress. In addition to a skin-compatible sun protection, extra moisture and a regenerating after-sun care are now required.

Sun protection for sensitive skin

A daily sun protection above all improves your skin’s protection against light-induced skin aging by free radicals. The Bio Summer Day Oil contains valuable cold-pressed Avellana oil. Avellana absorbs harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation with a proven, purely vegetal sun protection factor 10. It strengthens the protective skin barrier and counteracts the breakdown of collagen in our skin. With a special antioxidant mix, the Summer Day Oil activates the repair enzymes against light-induced cell damage. Further information. Further information …

Extra moisture for your skin in summer

Purely vegan active ingredients such as ectoin, beta-glucan and hyaluronic acid provide your skin with a lot of additional moisture into deeper skin layers. The new Protective Moisturizer Fluid not only improves your skin's resistance to harmful environmental influences, but also strengthens your skin barrier against moisture loss. The fluid is, as usual with myrto-natural cosmetics, free from preservatives, alcohol, emulsifiers and perfumes. Further information> ...

After Sun Care 

After a strenuous sunbath, your skin absolutely needs regenerative care. In order to compensate for the loss of moisture in the sun, the Moisturizer Fluid is also the ideal After Sun SOS emergency aid. With additional Sea Buckthoern oil it soothes your stressed skin, if the sun has kissed you too long.

As a subsequently deep regenerating facial care, we recommend the Bio Night Oil with its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids of cold pressed oils from argan, pomegranate and evening primrose.

Sensitive and sunburned body skin is pleased with the After Sun Body Oil Wild Berries. The extremely skin-compatible plant oils and extracts - without additional fragrances or other additives - are absorbed deep and quickly. Wild Berries is suitable for use on dry skin or after showering on damp skin. With its high content of vitamin A, C and E, this After Sun care helps repair cell damage and counteracts inflammation. The natural carotene content of cold-pressed sea buckthorn intensifies and extends your holiday tan.

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