Natural caring for curly hair

Natural curls are associated with health and vitality. They provide various styling possibilities from romantic-voluminous to wild-unconventional. By nature curls are dry, often unruly, brittle and sensitive, tending to frizz. Consequently a well-defined and shining curly hairstyle needs intensive additional care.

Curl types

Mainly 3 curl types can be classified according to the hair fiber diameter, length, bounce and curl structure. You may not fit perfectly into one category, but have a combination of different curl types on your head.

Curl type 1 - Fine wavy hair tends to be close to the scalp. It has a soft S-shaped wave, which is relatively loose. The biggest challenge of this type of hair is maintaining volume, definition and a consistent curl pattern. It needs lightweight, curl-amplifying hold.

Curl type 2 - This curly hair type has a thicker fiber diameter and a slightly stronger S-pattern. The biggest challenge of this curl type is the rough hair fiber surface and porosity. This hair type tends to dryness and frizz. It needs maintaining definition and balanced moisture.

Curl type 3 - This curl type is characterized by tight spirals moving from an S-pattern to a more intense C-shape. This type of curly hair has a lot of volume, the curls have more bounce and hold. Depending on the structure of the curls, however, the hairstyle can look slightly undefined, dry and frizzy. This hair type needs a lot of supplementary deep hydration and extra lipids for additional shine.

Moisturizing routines for curls

Curly hair needs a silicone-free organic shampoo without alcohol and with very gentle surfactants. Ideal is the Ultramild Free Bio Shampoo based on washing-active amino acids. This shampoo protects the scalp from dehydration and moisturizes sensitive hair fibers.

Don’t shampoo your curls too often. Twice a week is mostly sufficient for curly hair. In between, you may just rinse your curls with water and let them air dry. After shampooing your curls need an additional organic conditioner - without surfactants or alcohol. This extra care smoothes the rough and porous hair fiber. At least once a week endulge your curls with a rich organic hair treatment for effective deep regeneration. Leave the treatment overnight or directly apply as a leave-in. Spare out your hairline generously to maintain the volume.

More volume

The myrto Bio Finisher Sprays with herbal betaine and shine-enhancing proteins provide fine and slightly wavy hair with more natural volume. The active ingredients strengthen and smooth the rough hair fiber. They also provide effective heat protection when using a hair dryer, flat or curling iron.

Definition and hold

Our Bio Argan Hair Wax reduces excessive volume and defines shiny curls. The versatile Forming Texturizer Wax is a styling all-rounder for every hair type, providing a matt finish, more volume and flexible hold.

Both organic hair waxes impress with pure natural ingredients such as organic bee-wax, argan and babassu oil, strengthening the hair fiber and promoting healthy hair growth.

Anti-frizz and shine enhancer

The myrto Bio Antistatic hair oil counteracts dull hair, frizz and split ends. With cold-pressed macadamia oil and a purely herbal repair complex, it smoothes the hair fiber, eases combing and adds shine. This organic hair oil can be massaged in before or after shampooing as a rinse-off or as a leave-in for more additional shine. 

Tip: Never comb your curly hair with a brush. Then your curls will be separated and lose their beautifully defined bundling. Better prefer a comb with coarse tines and don’t comb your curls too often. With the appropriate hair care products, it often is sufficient to comb the curls with your fingers.


Natürliche Locken


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