Lady Lavender – you’re so beautiful!


The new skin-care myrto Organic Deodorant Roll-on LADY LAVENDER reminiscent of fragrant blooming lavender fields in Provence, the refreshing clear, slightly resinous scent of Mediterranean pine forests and infatuated with flowery rosy accents of Indian palmarosa.

Our healthy myrto organic deodorants contain a novel natural deodorant active ingredient of plant origin with a proven 24-hour effectiveness. It reduces transpiration, inhibits odor-causing bacteria and comes out with no harmful aluminum salts. The natural skin flora is preserved. For additional skin care Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera Gel provide . All myrto organic deodorants do without preservatives, conventional emulsifiers and leave no residue on the clothes.

Pure spirit of wine alcohol in a gentle dosage enhances the deodorizing effect of the deodorant Organic LADY LAVENDER.

Our innovative organic deodorants were 2013/2014 awarded " TOP 5 Product" for the GREEN AWARD!

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