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Problems with conventional shampoos

Conventional shampoos with their disputed ingredients are seen increasingly controversial. On the other hand, organic shampoos are consistently free from silicones and synthetic surfactants.

This is a beginning, but: almost all organic shampoos still contain harsh ingredients damaging your scalp and hair. Especially aggressive surfactants (such as Sodium Coco Sulfate) are the reason why, the more often you wash your hair, the more greasy sebum your scalp produces. Moreover, daily shampooing with such foaming agents can irritate your scalp as well as causing allergic reactions. Your hair fiber gets damaged as well: the natural smoothing fatty acid layer is rinsed off. Your hair becomes porous, dry and brittle.

No Poo - Radical alternative without surfactants

If you want to do completely without shampoo, you can follow a trend that has just come to the fore: "No Poo" (stands for: no shampoo). In this method, the hair is washed naturally only with clear water to which, for example, rye flour or lava soil is added. Depending on your hair length, 2 parts of lava soil are mixed with twice the amount of water. Massage the paste thus prepared  into your scalp and, after a short exposure time, rinse it off under the shower. Lava soil is a mineral cleansing clay, which has been known especially in Northern Africa since ancient times.

Low Poo – Soft alternative with mild surfactants

The mild "low poo" method uses as mild natural surfactants as possible. They stabilize the protective barrier layer of your scalp and preserve the natural pH-value of the acid protection mantle.
This concept is followed by the innovative myrto bio shampoos containing wasch-active amino acids. For highly sensitive scalp and allergic disposition we recommend the Ultramild Free Bio Shampoo. It is free from preservatives, perfumes and alcohol.

What may sometimes seem uncomfortable at first, is the salvaging solution, especially for irritated scalp or greasy hair. If your scalp is no longer exposed to the aggressive surfactants, it gradually adapts and reduces its sebum production significantly. Hair washing will be necessary much less frequent. Especially in the transition phase you may need enough patience however. Sometimes it can take 6 weeks or longer for the scalp to adapt, until the sebum production normalizes. Then you will notice how your hair gains natural fullness and volume, looks much longer fresh, providing a healthy and strong texture.

myrto bio-shampoo ultramild free

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