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If your hair feels dull, it is difficult to comb and the tips of the hair are split. Read the cause of split ends and how to prevent them

July Shopping Campaign

If you order products in our shop for 65 € or more, you will get a free extra product.
Fragrances are among the most common triggers of contact allergies. Learn how to avoid redness, swelling, itching, blisters, or scaling
From now on, all myrto products are also available / can be ordered in German pharmacies. Please take the pharmacy order number PZN from the German Site of the shop.
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In times of increased infection risk - as in the current corona pandemic with SARS-CoV-2 - the skin is stressed by frequent hand washing and disinfectants
The epidermal (skin) barrier protects our skin against stressful, health-threatening influences from the outside world.
Again and again we are asked, why we use rosemary as an ingredient in our organic face care for sensitive combination skin with redness, couperose or rosacea.

March Shopping Campaign

If you order products worth 65 € you get 1 product of your choice for free.
Especially in winter time, many people suffer from an irritated scalp with feelings of tension, redness and excruciating itching. Constant scratching
Fortunately, animal welfare and the ban on animal testing are standard in natural cosmetics. Vegan natural care also does not require any animal substances
Myrto products are consistently rated with top marks on test portals such as Codecheck. To insiders myrto is meanwhile known for ist excellent ...
With dropping temperatures our skin is simultaneously strained by the cold outside and dry heating air inside.
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