Why should you use a facial toner?

Facial toners, also known facial tonics, can be used in many ways in daily facial care. They are suitable for cleaning, refreshing and calming the skin. A gentle additive-free toner can significantly improve the complexion, especially with sensitive skin prone to redness, irritation and impurities.

The many uses of a facial toner

Here are the most important uses of a toner in the daily facial care routine:

  • The facial toner is suitable for removing make-up in addition to or after a cleanser. It removes make-up residues and completes a deep cleansing.

  • The toner prepares the skin for subsequent facial care. So that the moisturizer can penetrate deeply into the skin, the toner is applied after cleansing, but before a serum. In this way, additional moisture is best absorbed into the skin.

  • The myrto Toner is the perfect companion to deeply moisturize and refresh dry, dehydrated skin. Use several  times during the day if necessary.

  • A skin-friendly facial toner is also ideally suited as an aftersun spray. To do this, first spray the toner into the hand, then gently rub onto sun-stressed skin. You can also spray it directly onto irritated areas.

  • The myrto Toner is also recommended as a skin-soothing aftershave for men's sensitive skin.

What do you have to consider when choosing a toner?

Conventional toner often contains alcohol, which dries out the skin and creates an uncomfortable feeling of tension. Alcohol also weakens the protective skin barrier and thus promotes more impurities and inflammation. For sensitive skin we therefore recommend a gentle alcohol-free toner, which should also be free of preservatives, fragrances and emulsifiers. Unnecessary fragrances may also irritate sensitive, allergy-prone skin and should not be included in your toner.

A facial toner as part of your care routine

If you incorporate a facial toner into your daily care routine, make sure it is in the right order. Apply the toner after cleansing your face, but before the serum. The facial toner prepares your skin for subsequent care. The order should be: cleanser, face toner, serum, face cream and then a facial oil. 

Used in this way, you’ll get the most out of the many uses of myrto Toner. Both alcohol-free, and skin-compatible, it’s a truly versatile element of your skin care.

Here is our new  myrto Bio Magnolia Toner Sensitive

myrto Bio Magnolia facial toner

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